Sanely surviving the end days


It is a battle for the mind. Opinions are flying thick and thin. Countries like India and the US have elections ahead and powerful elements are involved in various modes for garnering votes.

Such vicious atmosphere is not new. Earlier rumours used to spread by word of mouth. Today they spread via the huge networks that have been set up to entrap, deceive, and destroy.

How can we be still and composed amidst all of this? I propose the following steps;

1. Step Back

The last 4 years have seen a flood of information; the era of disclosure. If you have been alert and listening, you know what is coming. What you know is probably enough. You need not be worried that things will change drastically from what you know. So step back and retain your sanity.

2. Go Inward.

There is a source of sanity within. There is a silence that is always trying to communicate with you. Align with that silence. It will tell you what to do and what to avoid.

3. Read the Scriptures

We all are part of cultures that have written documents consisting of events and experiences of the bygone era. Those scriptures have guided humanity in times of crisis. Today millions all over the globe, belonging to all faiths are returning to the scriptures and finding solace.

4. Pray or attend prayer sessions

Prayer is a communication with the intelligent consciousness that we call God and give various names. Prayers solve problems, they lead to healing, and they calm us down. Just silence your mind and let the intelligence know what you need. Be fully confident that your need will be fulfilled. Do not forget to pray for the wellbeing of all.

5. Chant your mantra

All cultures have their mantras. Chant the mantras of the culture you belong to. For Hindus the best mantra for these times is Om Namah Shivaya. One can also chant the Hanuman Chalisha and Vishnu Sahasranama. It is very important to surrender yourself to the higher power. Practice humility. In both the Ramayana and the Mahabharata we clearly observe how the ego led to doom.

6. Prepare yourself.

The coming events will take everyone by surprise and disrupt everything. Days of scarcity are ahead. Violence will rule. Oppression will be experienced. Disasters will happen. We will witness days when just going outside will be a great risk. Prepare by storing food and medicines. Have fuel backup to the extent possible. Have a solar panel on your rooftop. Have a kitchen garden. Also stay away from complicated situations. Small events will flare up, do not get caught in them. Also restrain yourself from posting on controversial matters. Just stay as a witness.

7. Be aware of the end.

As Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had personally told me, all must prepare for the end. Very very few will survive. Your prayers, reading, mantra and chanting will prepare you for accepting whatever comes. Know that this world is an illusion, you are a traveller, there is no death, and the awareness and consciousness that you are always exists and is immortal.

8. Help others

Try to be the good Samaritan. There will be many who will need help. Do what you can and in any way you can.

In this year you will realize the purport of what I am saying. It will be a long haul of about 6 to 7 years. The destruction will be in two phases. It will take various shapes and forms.

From my reading I am convinced that the Gaia has decided to end things and the superior powers are ready to do at its bidding. Mahasambhuti Chakradhar has clearly told us that his coming itself is indication of the great cataclysm that is ahead. He did not like what is coming and avoided talking much about it. He has told me that the earth would have the last laugh in all ways. The last destructive event would be an earthquake that will flatten everything and change the geography of the world.

Know what is coming, surrender yourself to God, and witness the events. That is the best stance to take.

Keep this note. I have written a lengthy piece on spirituality. Many would have read it. To receive a pdf copy please write to me at

God be with you. We are all part of the same energy and come in packs. We will always be together.