How the elite have planned our doom


My occasional doomsday posts scare and also irritate some friends. They say, how can you be so sure these things are going to happen? Do you have any rational explanation?

I sure do. While prophecies and scriptures and even gut feelings can be irrational, there is something beyond all of this that people have closed their eyes to. What is that?

The powerful rulers of the world are all ready to unleash the greatest destruction the magnitude of which has never been tried before.

- They are ready to set countries against each other and engineer a global conflict that has tremendous destructive potential. Many fronts are ready and visible: The Israel Hamas conflict, China Taiwan, China Pakistan India, Middle East, and Russia Ukraine. We will soon see a highly polarized world that will think that a world war is the only solution

- Religions are being set against each other. The two major religions are now at loggerheads thanks to scheming minds and behind the curtains manipulations. This will help the elite in many ways. It will depopulate, break nations, and also help them prove that the existing religions are violent and irrational, paving the way for the new world religion whose foundation has already been laid

- A huge economic collapse is at our doorstep. It will start with the collapse of the dollar and lead to chaos worldwide with the stock market following closely behind. This will help in liquidating the wealth of people and ushering in the digital currency

- A collapse of the internet is imminent. It will be blamed on solar flares and cyber attacks. The present structure will be replaced with AI based blockchain systems that are ready, and you can get back on it after you have a digital ID

- The philanthropists are planning the mother of all plandemics. We will have people dropping down like fleas. The panicked population will be told X doses of the vaccine is the solution and the pied piper Fauci and his team will goad the fools into jumping off the cliff

- Weather warfare is already happening. We have seen Turkey. We are watching the weather going bonkers globally. We will witness massive disasters. We will stand and watch global crop failures and an enormous food shortage. People will kill each other for a morsel.

The chaos will help usher in the new world order that is even more scary.

Nobody can deny the above. Perfectly credible whistle-blowers have revealed every detail of how the world is shaping up. I have not talked about the planned alien invasion and the massive wireless and satellite based network that will have huge destructive effect upon all life forms on earth.

Yes there is a perfectly rational explanation. Yes it is very scary. It is unimaginable that any species can plan all of this and have the power to execute it. While you were busy enjoying and entertaining yourself, the species has been meticulously planning your demise.

Now all it requires is your participation.