Play of the ego.


With the first memory the ego has asserted itself. It can be a memory within the womb, or one that is at about 2 years old. You become separate from the one existence.

You were happy without the ego, and now you have the burden of a separate identity. You have a body you are bothered with. You have desires within you that propels you forward. They may not always be selfish desires but imprints about your role in the world of duality.

The world is an illusion but it has also a tremendous seriousness contained within it. The one that alone is, also takes up a form and joins the play. The ruler of the dual world is entrusted the onerous responsibility of maintaining it. He lives in the cusp between duality and non duality.

It is a play between good and evil. What is good? The knowledge that all is one. This knowledge keeps one aloof and detached; disinterestedly witnessing the play. The ego is there but not very strong. What is evil? To be totally engrossed in the world without a thought about ones non dual identity. The ego is all that exists.

In the cycle of existence the journey starts with the ego at its lowest ebb. One identifies with all of creation. As the cycle progresses the ego starts gripping the person. There is the sense of separateness inviting the desire to enjoy and possess. Towards the end the ego takes up all ones attention and becomes the weapon of destruction. The ego and self aggrandizement is the devil. It seeks personal pleasure at the expense of the collective.

The ego is like the bubble that forms on water. It gets bigger and bigger. The bigger it gets, the more vulnerable it is. At its peak it bursts. But it has to reach its peak. The present civilization is nearing its peak. The egoistic ones are happy, looking forward for more. Civilizations always collapse when at their peak.

How much ego does one need? The Guru says, just enough so you don't stand before a running train.

The cycle of births and deaths seems endless. But in the journey comes a time when the being questions the ego. There is pleasure in separate existence, but there is also pain. The pain is the friend that leads to the quest for the non dual state. It is in the non dual state that all questions are answered and all desires melt.

Lives become onerous and restless towards the end of the cycle. The early memories can become very strong and recede to the womb and beyond. One distinctly remembers thinking about the new beginning. There is anxiousness about the life one has to go through.

Do you know what signifies the births that take place towards the end of the cycle? There are subconscious thoughts about unfinished business. There can be nightmares about not being prepared and yet facing an examination. There is something to do and yet it is not very clear.

Why are the end lives painful? These lives are about resolving the pending karma. The stock has to get exhausted and the effort can lead to very difficult situations. All the burden has to be borne, cancelling out earlier mistakes. Then the ego collapses and there is release.

Now do you see the similarity between the inner and the outer? The outer world too becomes difficult and destructive towards the end. It then collapses leading to the next stage of evolution.

The present moment is the peak of the destruction that takes place when the old meets the new. Here old faults clash with the moment that is readying to reveal itself. The demonic forces push the ego to the final frontier, inflating it and preparing it for the final collapse. The world of duality delights in the matters of the world even as the non dual seeks to assert itself.

The devil is the king of the illusory world. It is the play of the ego. Currently it is all set to assert itself and snuff out the knowledge of the non dual and the owners of that knowledge. It feels that by doing so it will establish the permanent rule of the illusion. It feels that the bubble can expand and become immortal.

Wishful thinking. But that thinking grips the world during the end times.

The warriors of the devil are those who want the ego to triumph and take over.

What do you identify with? The ego or the knowledge that you are beyond it? What interests you? Preserving your identity or knowing it is false? Are you taken up with your personal fight or can you sense the underlying change that is inevitable? Will you fight for the present trend to continue or will you act to allow the new age to flourish?

The divine ruler of the world wants souls that are ready to give up everything so the next step can be taken. The souls with the knowledge of non duality are the bravest. They do not fear anything. They are the Vajra - the strongest weapon that emerges from the ultimate sacrifice. It triumphs over greed and selfishness however powerful it may be.

The devil knows that it rises to fall. The very fact that it is now ready to reveal itself is indicative of its end.