Get ready for 2.5 years of turmoil


2.5 years of turmoil.

Achyutananda and the saint poet Bhima Bhoi of Odisha have similar views of the end times. Both have prophesied that the entry of Saturn into Pisces in the end phase will denote the world moving into an extremely turbulent stage.

Saturn enters into Pisces in March 2025. It will stay there for 2.5 years. Therefore the years 2025, 2026, and 2027 are crucial.

Saturn enters Pisces every 30 years. How do we know that this is the one? Both have written about the episode prior to the crucial one and described in detail. The descriptions exactly match the formation and planetary movements that occurred the last time. Researchers are absolutely convinced that the coming event is the last such configuration of the Kali Yuga.

Speaking of the situation of Odisha, the seers have indicated that the State would be terribly afflicted in the years 2026 and 2027. There will be total chaos and death will be witnessed dancing everywhere.

Will it be the end of our woes? That would probably be the second phase, post Conbhid. The asteroid strike that will lead to the inundation of Coastal Odisha will probably be in 2029. The third world war would be in progress. The Trinity will find their way to the Temple that is now ready for them in a place called Chhatia. They will stay there for 7 days and there will be 7 days of festivity for the devotees who will cling to the Lord to forget what they are going through.

But this place too will be under attack. Airstrikes will cause the Trinity to move again to a place near the port of Paradeep where they will be finally installed.

Amidst all of this there will be three phases of total darkness. The Sun will not be visible for these 7 day stretches. The last one probably will also witness mass deaths.

Many unimaginable things are slated to happen. The earth will flip on its axis. As this happens the gravitational force will crumble and everything will float in space for some time. Can you imagine this? At the end of it we will have new constellations in the sky. This will effectively end all technology.

The earthquake in the end times that will last for 7 days will witness all structures crumbling. There will be new land as many existing places will go under the sea and new land will emerge rising to the top. Prior to this there will be a quake that will decimate cities. City dwellers have slim chance of escaping what is coming.

Nature arranges destruction to happen in sinful places. We all are living in such an environment now. We know of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah, cities of sin, and how they were felled in a single stroke. Currently we have thousands of such places. King Kali - the sinful ruler of this age that began with the death of Sri Krishna - is currently holding these places together. His kingdom will come crumbling down.

Thus we have a timeline. A period of turmoil and persecution. Diseases and deaths. Natural disasters. Wars, riots, and the third world war. The earth flipping on its axis. An unprecedented earthquake.

Very few men will be left after this. Their distribution will be skewed. The Quoran says one man has to take care of 25 women indicating the state in some parts of the world. One of the indications in the Quoran is that there will be great affluence and comfort preceding the end. It also says that the Holy City will be full of skyscrapers and that decorative Mosques will come up. The Quoran forbids unnecessary opulence, pleasures, and entertaining music. All of this will be observed in the end.

Do not expect that you will be in your own environment. Events will happen that will separate communities and families. If you are alive you will be alone. There will be no food. People will eat grass and leaves to survive. Cannibalism too will be witnessed.

The phase from 2021 to 2030 is the end of Kali Yuga as per the Panchasakha. The civilization will end 9 years 9 months and 9 days from the day Puri will witness a Ratha Yatra without devotees they had predicted. That has happened in 2021. The 9 years and 9 months end in 2031. Some predictions talk of the period 2025 to 2032.

Whatever be it, few would like to go through such a grind that would leave hearts quaking in fear for a thousand years. This is the price of committing and ignoring/ forgiving/ tolerating sin. Our age has encouraged the carefully crafted breaking down of all norms. The consequence will be witnessed by many.

Comment by Sishir Singh.

In year 2025-2026 (Hindu New Year) India will go into war, in 2027 there are 6 eclipses in one year so no relief from danger.

From 2029 to 2031 Saturn will transit into Taurus sign, the most destructive position of Saturn.