Want to break through the matrix? Stop reacting!

Want to break the illusion? Stop reacting to the world. 

The world has you in its grip because you are totally involved with the events that occur in it. Your mind and thoughts project it. Your senses perceive it, enjoy or hate what it has to offer and react accordingly. The mind rebuilds the nest based on the experience. This is why the world exists before you, and you continue experiencing it life after life.

In this age the world is very powerful and has a lot to offer by way of enjoyment and pain. It is fast evolving and it takes all of one’s attention to keep pace. The human being is weak and therefore does not have the power to think and discriminate. It is like a dream that has no ending.

How can we detangle ourselves? I offer the following steps;

  • Start thinking that the world is a dream and an illusion
  • Reduce your attraction towards it
  • Try to know what you really are. You are permanent; therefore start thinking of the temporary things you have associated yourself with
  • The body is temporary, your mind and emotions are temporary, your thoughts and desires are temporary, the objects before you are temporary, the relationships you are in are temporary. This is the neti neti approach, not this not this that helps you go to the core
  • Think of all that has happened to the world, big and small events that have shaped it, the tremendous effort that has gone behind it, all the trillions who have been here before with their struggles and worries, their achievements and failures, their hopes and aspirations. Where are they now? Like a dream or like the film on a screen everything has passed away. So why are you clinging to an illusion?
  • Think of the past. It has gone. Think of the future. It will also come and go. Think of the present. It is more meaningful. Live in the present. A lot of your burdens will go. Sri Ramana Maharshi has assured, be in the present, the future will take care of itself
  • Stop reacting to the world. Be detached. Let your thoughts not be of the world. Develop periods of non thinking. Non thinking is the beginning of meditation, a process that destroys the world outside by delving inside

The present age is very taxing and developing spiritually is extremely difficult. But the path is actually very easy, the easiest! Sri Ramakrishna had prescribed remembering God twice a day, or if you cannot do even that, give the power of attorney to God. Total surrender. He alone is doing everything; let me remain as the witness.

That is the truth. Everything is happening according to a pre planned program. The supreme entity is witnessing it. You are that witness. You are the supreme entity!