Inviting Apocalypse: Provoking God


It is painful to watch the fall of the Western civilization. It is as if the past is coming alive: The past that provoked God. The tower of Babel, Sodom and Gomorrah; they have arrived. My Christian friends in the US, as well as people of other faith, are watching their streets, schools and colleges, and other congregations turn into display of utter depravity. More shocking are the slogans, "Children we come for you."

These seem to be well planned and sponsored attempts to crash society. What is in it beyond sadistic pleasure? It is provoking God, inviting Him and His force to the final battle. The mighty military empire that rules over us is confident of winning and banishing God from the world; just as Satan was banished from heaven.

When mass attempts are made to alter natural creation God is provoked into action. Vaccines, GMOs, gene editing humans, creating artificial embryos, creating artificial Sun, the CERN project, dimming the original Sun are such attempts. They will grossly alter creation at a massive scale.

Ordinarily God is an aloof gentleman who is dependent on his ever active wife (Maya) to stay within the ambit of creation. But when provoked he can use the same Maya to unleash a series of destructive events. We know what those events are don't we? So our duty is to stop those acts which provoke God.

Those who have studied the past know the destruction that nature is capable of. Mighty civilizations have been humbled. The greater they were, the harder they fell. They disappeared physically, and their memories lost.

In all of that, there existed a few who warned and pointed out the dangers. Braving persecution and ridicule they delivered the message. Our job is to do just that. We see and sense what is coming. In many of us is the feeling of deja vu; been here, done that. This is not the first time we are doing it.

The future is not uncertain. It is engraved in stone.