The cyclical energies currently set in motion


Your body starts with the intent to be born, appears in the mother's womb, is born, then grows, starts decaying, and dies. If you think deeply about this you realize that a lot goes on without you consciously participating.

In death you become the unborn but your latent desires once again leads you to the womb. Similarly civilization is conceived, manifests, plays it's role, then falls apart. After destruction it is conceived and appears again.

If you contemplate the cyclical phenomenon, you realize why Vishnu carries the Chakra. It is the most important power that rules. This power is programmed to perform its actions according to natural powers it is bestowed with. It is also subject to dharma; the inherent laws of the universe.

The egoistic people think their actions are leading to events. In reality the actions are the result of the cyclical whirlwind that operates without ceasing. We seemingly act according to our thoughts without knowing that our thoughts and intent are the result of a power that pulls the strings. We are built into the system to perform certain tasks, like the cogs in the wheel.

During tumultuous periods the Chakra is energized. It appears with the power to go beyond the rules that it ordinarily operates within.

Such a time is now.

You will feel the Chakra as unexpected events start unfolding. You will feel the Chakra as you become drawn into unexpected situations. You will feel the Chakra as you notice out of the ordinary becoming the norm.

In such times you should keep the personal ego in check and bow down to the powers that have appeared. The Chakra that appears during such times is infinitely powerful; it comes to destroy the old and create the new. It is aided by energy structures that perform the required actions. The energy that breaks is the demonic energy, the energy that creates is the angelic or divine energy.

In Hinduism the active energies are classified and given various names according to their functions; dakini, yogini, hakini, sakini, vetal, bhairab etc. These energy structures are worshipped, revered, and called to perform specific tasks through tantric practices. In ordinary times they are appeased with loving worship so that their destructive aspect is kept in check.

Currently all these energies are being unbound and unleashed. This process has started a long time back. The tantra adepts that work with these energies have been feeling and noticing the changes. In my state they have expressed their fears stating, 'the deities are now seeking blood.'

You can correlate all of this with the events happening around you. This is just the beginning, like the low pressure forming before the cyclone. You can notice the subtle changes and guess what is coming. The tantrics are like the meteorologists who can calculate and know how destructive the cyclone is and the path it can take.

I think you can feel what is coming. Things will turn topsy turvy as the energies pick up speed. Not only will they create disturbing situations, they will also detect disturbing forces and draw them into itself. You will witness how the wicked and powerful will find situations that are beyond their control.

Being humble and prayerful is how you can hope to escape the wrath of the Chakra and its energy components. This is the time to sit and assess what you are doing. Is it positive and helpful? Or is it negative and destructive? This is the time to change track if you are in the wrong path.

Maya the illusionary power will try to deceive by making you feel that whatever path you choose is the right path. This is how warriors like Bhisma and Karna ended up on the wrong side to repent later.

You may say, death will come to all regardless of their actions. True. But what you do now will magnify a trillion times and determine your path in the cycles to come. This is why these situations are known as Dharmayudh and the best of warriors become alert and wary.

Participating in the Dharmayudh with the right intention and focus brings untold merit and the blessings of the power that creates, nurtures, and destroys the visible world. You can achieve in these times the merit that is beyond whatever efforts you do in other times.

Be diligent and alert. Going with the flow can have disastrous consequences. Your actions will impact you. No excuses work in the larger scheme of things.