Why are things not resolved amicably?


People wonder why are things not resolved amicably.

To understand one must know the dynamic nature of the world. The world is a flux of intense energy. It is not the stable picture we witness as the visible world. There is always a whirlwind operating in the background. On top of that are laws that define the trend. The energy obeys those laws. If it did not the structure would collapse.

The world is not only about physical acts. There are collective mental and emotional aspects. These collective aspirations and anguish remain stored and express themselves when the right conditions arrive. The world is such that everything must be resolved before it can move to the next stage. This also applies to the individual but this note is about the collective.

The peculiarity of this age is that it is an intensely negative age where the negative forces dominate. Therefore the resolving of issues must take the negative route. Even as the change comes it must obey the law of the age.

We tend to judge things with our limited mind. The person of wisdom does not wonder at the unexpected and surprising events for the matrix is complex and it is tending to things according to many factors that are unknown to the mind. The jnani therefore respects the divine will.

Currently all are feeling that things are out of control. They fear the future. Yes it is true that we are now under the ambit of unpredictability. Unexpected and illogical events are due to occur. The great change is coming and all the pending issues are being resolved. The truth is untangling itself from the net of untruth that covers the world.

However despite the turbulence we must not think that things are out of control. During these times the Supreme is directly in control replacing all the forces that are ordinarily responsible. That Supreme force appears cruel and merciless when end times events manifest. It has to do what it has to do.

The only recourse is to do the task that is before you for it has been assigned to you. Work without the ego that you are the doer. There is a guiding force. Recognize and bow to it. The outcome is not in your hands but in a strange way it will be beneficial.

Do not be overwhelmed. Do not lament. Do not beat your chest. The events do not care what you feel or think.