How to deal with cancer


Wives of a colleague and that of a friend are in the last throes of cancer. Both were advised by me not to take the very steps they took.

Biopsy, chemotherapy and radiation are not the answer to cancer. They lead to an extremely painful life and hasten death. They are intensely carcinogenic by themselves.

Cancer is caused by cellular stress brought in by suppressive treatment, extreme toxicity, and mental agony (that is often the result of stress and toxicity). The body tries to cope by storing the toxins it cannot manage in tumors. The moment a biopsy is done the cancer spreads aggressively.

Please try the following;

- Detoxification

- Oxygenation

- Countering acidity

- Inducing alkalinity

- Ensuring nourishment

- Restoring the microbiome

Mercilessly eliminate sugar, refined fluor, iodized free flow salt, all kinds of packaged food, non veg items including milk and milk products from diet.

Put the patient on raw vegan diet. Juicy fruits and vegetables are good. Aloe vera, wheat grass, and giloy juice are ideal for nourishment and detoxification. Good quality very finely ground turmeric fights cancer.

Probiotics can help. Bi carbonate of soda can be used sparingly to reduce acidic nature of the cancerous body. Vitamin C, D, E, Zinc, calcium and magnesium needs of the body must be ensured through food and exposure to morning sunlight. Take good care of digestive system and the elimination organs like liver, kidney, and intestines; through cleanses if necessary. Take steps to cure constipation.

Those into intoxicants like tobacco and wine must be slowly weaned from them. These cannot be stopped instantly as there will be repercussions.

Do not suppress fever, cough, cold, diarrhoea, dysentery, vomiting, and skin problems in patients going through the recovery protocol. Allow them to finish their course. Nature does its own detoxification. Ensure hydration and fasting once these symptoms occur.

Hydration, fasting, and exercise will cleanse the vital lymphatic system as well.

Stop all chemical drugs. Ladies must stop the birth control pill if they are taking it. These are the prime cause why cancers are so frequent and widespread. Diabetes, blood pressure, anti allergic, and epilepsy medications carry cancer risks.

Go in for holistic treatment methods. Naturopathy, ayurveda, homeopathy, and panchagavya treatments are good options. Physical exercise, yoga, pranayama, meditation, living among vegetation and forests, being in touch with soil help in recovery.

The patient should eat and sleep on time. Good sleep quality must be ensured. Stress must be reduced.

The patient should receive encouragement and support from all. If possible he or she should continue the normal life. Smart nursing is essential

It is sometimes better if the diagnosis is kept away from the patient, particularly from those who are very sensitive. The disease is anyway toxicity, not cancer.

Cancer is a result of many years of negligence and abuse; therefore it may take years to regain ones health. Don't fall for quick fixes that the current dominant system offers.

You need not wait for cancer to follow the above. Follow them to avoid cancer. Switch to holistic systems immediately. When you accept the poison shots or give them to your children you are laying the red carpet for cancer.

You will know you are headed for cancer when;

- You stop suffering from acute diseases

- You develop acidity and constipation

- You have the habit of suppressing skin problems

- You are unable to control your mind and emotions

- You are unable to control yourself, your life, and feel you are hurtling to a precipice

- You suffer from fatigue and loss of energy

- Sleep and hunger are disturbed

- You take the birth control pill religiously

- You trust your allopathic doctor blindly and take whatever he prescribes without ascertaining its adverse effects

- You believe Big Pharma exists to save you

Cancers occur because you live in a polluted environment, eat poison, abuse yourself, and when the body tries to detoxify you run to an allopath for quick relief. Now is the time to take responsibility for your health.