Is the end near?


How long will it take?

For an inordinately large section of the population suffering has reached its peak. My tribal friends say life is so bad they wish things get over fast, "anything is better than this." If the sons of the soil feel like this we should be worried for it is nature speaking through them.

Astrologer Narasimha Rao of the USA has given some grim predictions;

- In April 2017 he had indicated that the arrow of destruction has been released from the bow of the Lord. For us it was November 2016 when Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had left his mortal coil after declaring that, "My work in the sakar (physical) form is over."

- Narasimha Rao had also predicted the world is getting into a highly destructive phase. According to him the period from 2020 to 2036 will witness that destruction with the peak coming in 2030, the year he says the planetary combinations are really really weird

- The current Russia - Ukraine crisis he says will intensely flare up in end March and April 2022 with extreme fierceness and untold misery

- China and Russia will dominate the scene. China acting as the new Germany and Russia the new Italy

- The US will lose its dominance.

There are others who talk of a six year period of destruction from 2020 to 2026. They say the worst will come in 2025-26.

But predictions, as we have seen in 2020 and 2021 can be tricky. In these two years there were many very troubling planetary combinations and yet the predictions of doom did not happen.

Why are the signs failing to elicit their intended results?

Mahasambhuti Chakradhar had told us, that when the end time comes the reigns of world events would be directly taken up by the Supreme. That seems to have happened. Currently there is no guarantee any prediction would work and the timing of events will depend on the divine scheme of things.

There is an upside about this. The elite are very well versed in astrology as is evident from their timing of the events they plan. They are designing the destruction and creation of the new world riding on the strength of the astrological combinations. If these combinations no longer deliver full results obviously their plans will go awry. That they will weak great destruction but fail to reach their goal is ordained.

But why allow their destructive plans at all? Chakradhar had said this civilization will fall to create the way for the new. That destruction will be through diseases, wars, and unprecedented earthquakes. I remember standing with him in a beach and narrating the unusual behaviour of the ocean. He was standing with a foot in the water. After listening to me he took his foot out of the water and touched the land saying, "More than the water, the land will do its work."

He had told us the geography of the world will change. Much of the land will go under water and the land below the oceans will come to the fore. Only a few places like India and Australia would maintain their current form. South America? I feel that part too will survive.

Obviously we are looking at some type of external influence; the pull of a planet that comes near? Planet X?

Chakradhar had hinted that the destruction may not stretch over a very long period. After a war, he had said, the events would start happening very fast. Post the destruction the recovery too would be fast assisted by beings from a very advanced civilization and aided by wealth now sealed in temples, and treasures hidden below the ground that would be unearthed by designated individuals born specifically for that purpose.

Who will be those beings from an advanced civilization? Upon our asking he had not revealed anything. Now I feel they would be residents of the inner earth; Agartha. I am pretty certain about this.

As Narasimha Rao says the only silver lining is the arriving of a new phase and the establishment of Dharma. God has decided and the plan will unfold.

Mahasambhuti had given us two indications about the beginning of the transition from one age to another.

- A brake would be put on world's activities (the world was shut down)

- A war would begin

It is the war that he had said would really escalate things. Things would move very fast after that. Though the change is slated to happen over a period of 5 to 10 years, and a recovery period of about 35 years as the stunned people would take time to pull up their socks, Chakradhar had indicated the time period may be very short; both for the duration of the calamity and the recovery. He had hinted that Earth would like to recoup before it is harmed so much that recovery would be difficult.

Well meaning inhabitants of an advanced civilization would help in the recovery and set up a system of nature based science. Maybe they would also prevent a full blown nuclear war. For Chakradhar has said a nuclear war should not happen.

I sincerely hope this invasion of Ukraine does not lead to a full blown war. China too is poised to enter Taiwan as it feels that this is the opportunity. Iran too may be invaded. If these events happen parallely the impact will be very very severe.

Once the events begin in earnest, Chakradhar had warned, there will be no stopping them. An unseen hand would take over and propel the world. The most powerful will set off a chain of events that will extend much beyond their plans.

Maybe this is the time to forget differences, help each other, and pray.

Yesterday my post about predictions for 2022 prompted some to inbox me about India. I have already stated the India specific predictions but I will repeat again;

- The signs are the same as at the beginning of the Mahabharata War. There is a belief that one day fight of the Mahabharata is pending and will happen at the end of Kali Yuga. That may well happen this year. The person responsible for that pending War is Bhurisruba - who was predicted to be born in China. We can well guess who that can be

- Some important leaders and personalities may leave us. (Lataji has already left). Before the Mahabharata War a key figure, Shalla, was taken away putting the Pandavas at a disadvantage

- Border tensions may lead to war or a build up that will cost a lot of money

- A big earthquake may occur and take a lot of lives and also inculcate fear in the minds of people

( These two events occurring together is a feature of many predictions. If they happen they will be events that will make history and be remembered for a long time to come)

- There will be a very big crackdown on dissenters and public opinion will not be tolerated

- There will be protests on the streets

- Flare up of communal tensions that will be tackled with a strong hand

- The current pandemic restrictions will be lifted

- Diseases will raise their head. There is specific mention of cholera, malaria dengue etc

- Deaths from diseases, both acute and chronic, will soar

- As all the elements (space, air, water, fire, earth) will be disturbed consequently the human body made up of these elements too will suffer

- Signs indicate a lot of people will mourn the death of near and dear ones this year

- There will be herb based drug discoveries (one has already happened)

- Unexpected events and political moves will occur

- Peace will be scarce, fear and anxiety will rule

- There may be a very big stock market crash or the market may show a significant downward trend

- The big shots will keep earning more despite all adversities

- People will be shocked at immoral events that occur, the level of corruption brought to the fore, and many will attempt to mend their ways. The restrictions on Temples will be lifted so that people may pray

- Many egoistic personalities will be humbled

As I keep saying, this is the time to introspect, cultivate love for all in your hearts, and do all you can for those who suffer. An wonderful opportunity to earn good karma.

As astrologer Narasimha Rao has pointed out last year, even accurate predictions can be wrong in these times. Last year many crucial planetary combinations did not show their full effect. It is as if nature is conserving her energy for very big events.

Chakradhar had told us, in such times the Supreme takes up the reigns. The ruler of 2022 is Saturn - a great task master, the giver of results of karma.

Lord Shiva is the one in charge of destruction as also the one who reestablishes the new order in society. It is time to remember and pray to him.

Om Namah Shivaya.