My speech on health delivered to indigenous communities


Synopsis of my talk with members of indigenous communities on 7th November 2021 being invited by Human Rights Law Network at Centre for Youth & Social Development, Bhubaneswar.


I work on the subject of health. Not the kind of health that you all listen about these days; that you have to consume a litany of drugs and subject yourselves to many kinds of injections all your life to stay alive. I work towards real health that you can experience if you follow what I say today.

Many of you own motorcycles and scooters. What is the food of your vehicle? Petrol is it not? What if someone tells you that you should stop using petrol and use kerosene instead? That you will spend less, get better mileage, and increase the longevity of the vehicle with kerosene. Will you agree? ‘No’ is it not? Then why do you listen to people who say you need to consume drugs, vaccines, and factory food to stay alive?

What is the petrol of the human body? It is food. Normal food. Natural food. Food that is grown in the fields, plucked from the trees, and dug out of the soil. Not the food that comes out of factories.

Our food requires healthy soil, sunlight, unpolluted water, and free air. This food provides us with all the energy, vitamins, and nutrients we eat. For countless years our food has provided all the needs of the body to grow, maintain itself, and stay healthy.

There is a doctor called Dr Biswaroop Roychaudhury who cures the worst of diseases with just food. Do you know what he says? "When food is presented before you, ask yourself a question. Is it made by God or by human beings? Consume only that food which is made by God." So you see you can stay healthy only if you eat real food and stay away from factory food.

We need diverse food. The tribal communities in Odisha had access to 56 varieties of millets which they used to grow with vegetables, fruits, and the greens that used to come free. They were dependent on the forests for mushrooms and tubers and forest fruits like amla. Herbs were plentiful. All of this kept tribal populations healthy.

Living amongst the bounties of nature and toiling in the fields can provide the quality of health that nothing else can. Hunting for food and the many festivals, the community dances, brought joy and kept stress away.

Nowadays you all have become accustomed to taking factory food. Your food habits have changed. Earlier you used to consume millets. You ate a lot of fruits and tubers. You ate a wide variety of meat. But now you have become accustomed to polished rice which is useless. You are now using pesticide and fertilizers in your field and poisoning your food. It is time to return to the foods your ancestors ate and adopt the sustainable methods of agriculture they practiced.

What else is needed to stay healthy? Taking food on time, going to bed in time, and getting up early. There was a time when this was natural. This is the user manual of the body just like the user manual you get with your motorcycles and scooters. When life was attuned to nature you felt hungry on time and sleep came on its own when night fell. Your ancestors used to eat before sunset and fall asleep soon after before electricity invaded your villages. Consequently they got up early. This is normal for the body.

Our life is attuned to the position of the Sun. In the day time you work, eat, and move about. Your body is poised for digestion, assimilation, and action. At night when you sleep the body is engaged in detoxification and elimination. This is why you should eat while the Sun is still out.

What do you do on the days when you call on your God? You pray. What else do you do? You fast. Do you know fasting once a month for around 15 to 16 hours is essential for your health? When you fast the body engages in cleaning activity. That is why you should drink water when you fast. It helps in the cleaning process. Do not eat heavy food immediately after you fast. Take light and liquid food.

Today you are no longer healthy. You are suffering from diseases ranging from diabetes to cancers. Your ancestors did not know about these chronic diseases. For them it was natural to be healthy. In India it was once normal for people to live for 120 years. Even in our childhood days we witnessed people living up to 100 without having to undergo the pain of chronic disease.

How did these chronic diseases come about?

Do you know who is the best doctor of the world? Your own body! The diseases that were once prevalent in your communities like fever, dysentery, diarrhea, cough, cold, skin rashes are not diseases. They are how your body rectifies itself, and throws out waste matter and toxins. Earlier your herbal doctors used to understand the value of these symptoms. With their herbs and procedures they encouraged the elimination and kept the elimination organs healthy. They asked you to take a liquid diet and rest till the crisis is over. But now you go to modern day doctors. They suppress these curative processes. Instead of allowing the body to get rid of toxins they push in even more. This is what causes chronic disease.

If you take the correct nutritious food, follow the natural cycle of the body, and live in a non toxic atmosphere, the body will not need to take recourse to the detoxification symptoms so often. That is how you stay healthy and avoid the inconvenience of acute disease. 

Drugs and injections cause disease. They do not help anyone become healthy or cure any disease. When these helpful symptoms are repeatedly suppressed the body gives up and chronic disease follows which deplete you and destroy the rhythm of the body and its connection to nature.

Do you know how cancers are being treated today? The doctors are inducing fevers, rashes and diarrhea. One this process is initiated the cancerous tumors are shrinking and disappearing! Today it has been scientifically established that suppressing acute diseases lead to cancers. The same is good for all other chronic diseases also. Through holistic healing methods the acute diseases are appearing once again as the body goes into the detoxification mode. And then the chronic diseases are being healed.

Do you know what is the duty of any health system?

  • To keep the healthy at the peak of their health
  • To guide the unhealthy towards health
  • To cure the sick
But what is the health care system doing today?
  • Through drugs and injections the healthy are being made sick
  • The unhealthy are being subjected to medications instead of being told about health inducing measures
  • Nobody is being cured. People are being told cures are impossible!
Who gains from this? Who profits? Those selling you the drugs and injections. If you become healthy they go out of business. Disease is what keeps them alive.

Do you know how to become healthy again?
  • Cleanse your body of toxins and waste matter
  • You can do this by water fasting, increasing your intake of water, taking raw food and juices, doing enemas to clean your colon, and taking in salt water to induce vomiting. Do this once a month, take raw food and fruits regularly during the daytime, and the enema once every week and you can detoxify your body
  • Take nourishing and safe food. Completely avoid all factory food and soft drinks. Take the type of food your ancestors fed upon. Avoid taking outside food
  • For cooking oil stick to mustard, sesame, and coconut oil. Never use refined oils, they are poison 
  • Chew your food thoroughly before eating
  • Give up sugar, factory salt, and maida completely. Take jaggery, sea salt or pink salt, and millets flour particularly Ragi
  • Eat and sleep on time. Take a little rest in the afternoon. At night do not sleep immediately after eating, and make the habit of getting up at 5am every morning
  • Oil massage your body and stay out in the sun for sometime before taking a bath
  • Drink a glass of water in the morning. After that you can also take lime water with a little pink salt  which will keep your body alkaline
  • Never suppress the urge to urinate or defecate. Do it immediately when you feel the urge
  • Do some physical activity everyday that makes you sweat
  • Be out in the Sun for at least two hours every day
  • Meditate and pray twice a day; in the early morning and in the evening. Practice good qualities within you
  • Develop the habit of deep breathing. Do some deep breathing right now and see how you feel
  • Walk barefoot on the soil everyday. You people generally live in the forests and it does you a lot of good. Forests have healing abilities 
  • Have a kitchen garden and also grow medicinal herbs in it. Tulsi, Drumstick, Papaya, Mango, Neem, vegetables and greens can be easily grown in your backyard. Know the medicinal value of the spices in your kitchen. Ginger, turmeric, jeera (cumin), cinnamon, and black pepper etc have tremendous medicinal value
  • Switch over to organic farming. Stop handling fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides
  • Stay away and keep your children away from mobile phones. Give up the habit of watching TV. Do not use the modern LED lights. Be careful of disposing broken mercury lamps that they are.
  • Do not suppress acute diseases like fever, cold, cough, diarrhea, dysentery, and skin eruptions. They come to help you and enable you to stay healthy. Take rest and a liquid diet. Take plenty of water. Take water with a pinch of salt if you have diarrhea. If necessary visit your vaidya. He or she will know what to do
  • Stay away from doctors. Know what keeps you healthy and follow it  

Chronic disease keeps the pharmaceutical industry and its representatives healthy. Doctors are no longer treating you. They are now simply helping the industry sell its products and thereby gaining through incentives and commissions. Once upon a time the doctors used to help the patients but today they are busy helping themselves. Hospitals are minting money just because no one is today engaged in teaching you how to stay healthy.

But the people do not understand. They are being told we need more doctors and hospitals. What we need is common sense. 

You are being told Covid is a very dangerous disease that is caused by a virus, affecting billions and killing millions. The victims are being identified by a test. What you do not know is that it has never been proven that any virus is behind this disease. No virus has been injected into anyone to know if the symptoms are the result. You should also know that the test is thoroughly useless. It is incapable of detecting the virus that is being advertised as causing Covid.

In this entire Covid game you are being told billions are affected. In reality 85% of those numbers are perfectly healthy people. 10% are suffering from cold and cough. Only 5% are suffering from pneumonia like symptoms and some are facing breathing difficulties. These people are mostly already sick with multiple illnesses. They are being hospitalized and subjected to strong medicines. It has already been proven the medicines given are not working and are causing serious complications. Consequently hospitalized people are dying.

There are millions of people who are being treated by naturopaths, ayurveds, and homeopaths. They are recovering very well. There is only one death I know of in a person who was also suffering from other diseases. Our Parliament has prepared a report on the success of these methods and submitted to the Government.

Thus not Covid but the treatment is to be feared. The hospitals have charged atrocious amounts by pretending to treat Covid. Even the insurance companies are pointing out that these bills are grossly inflated. On the other hand your vaidyas are able to treat you almost for free. So you know what to do.

I have pointed out from the very beginning that the protocol is not correct. I have protested the use of anti viral drugs, steroids, and the excessive use of paracetamol. I have repeatedly pointed out that elimination symptoms must be allowed. Had this advice been heeded lives would have been saved.

Pregnant women are not facing any increased risk. Only 10 to 20% of them are suffering mild to moderate symptoms. The foetus faces almost no risk. The mothers can safely breastfeed the child. Rarely there are cases of pneumonia and breathing difficulty that needs extra care. But even without Covid it is the practice to hospitalize and treat pregnant women suffering from influenza and pneumonia. It is nothing new.

I ask the tribal mothers present here, is pregnancy and childbirth a disease? I have worked among tribal communities and know how this is a part of their lives. Why do they need to be medicated and hospitalized? I had visited a tribal district of Andhra Pradesh. There the traditional adivasi birth attendants had taught the doctors the various benefits of natural birth and also the techniques to induce delivery, and ensure easy delivery and as a result the PHCs and the CHC was caesarean birth free. The tribal preferred home births. If needed mothers walked into the PHC’s and after natural delivery walked out with the baby in an hour.

A natural pregnancy and childbirth is essential for health. It is extremely foolish and criminal to medicate pregnant mothers and infants. Only the drug manufacturers and peddlers benefit from this exercise. The health of the mothers and children are irreversibly destroyed.

Children too are not at risk. They have a strong immune system if you allow them to grow up naturally and do not accustom them to factory food. Research shows very clearly that Covid is not a danger for them. Don't allow the doctors to frighten you into medicating your children. It is your duty to know everything and protect them. 

Covid is affecting the sick. People with various diseases, those with nutritional and vitamin deficiencies, the obese, those who do not exercise, those who are not exposed to sunlight, and those who have allowed the system to destroy the immune system with injections are at risk.

Therefore the response to Covid is to cure chronic diseases with the help of holistic healers, taking care of food and nutrition needs, doing physical activity, being exposed to sunlight at least two hours a day, reducing stress, and adopting safe and sustainable ways of agriculture.

You tribal are best suited for the natural life and livelihoods that is the crying need of the day. You need to keep away from modern day advice and the modern medical system.

Thank you.


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