Health: Need we believe the experts?


We live in a world where our ideas are shaped not by our observation and experience but by a body of people who claim to have access to the truth through their education and degrees. They dictate the terms.

In the case of health what are our expectations?

- We want to be healthy at physical, mental, and spiritual levels (Optimal health as defined by the WHO)

- We want to be in charge of our health 

- We want to be cured of illnesses when they occur

- Expenses should be the minimum 

What is our observation and experience?

- No one is healthy

- People are suffering from multiple co morbidities

- Children today are as sick as adults if not more 

- The disease list is growing (CDC list is 10k+)

- There is a steady deterioration in health

- The above results in proliferation of doctors and hospitals on which we have to depend

- People are burdened by medical expenses which takes away a major chunk of their income 

- The insurance method of health care is ripping off people

- Governments are controlled by Pharma

But what do the experts tell us?

- It is normal to be sick

- Chronic disease is inevitable

- Cures are impossible

- Disease management is the only option

- Health care is inevitably costly 

- Big Pharma knows best and is our saviour

- We need to consume drugs and injections for life

- We are being served scientific medicine

- Except for that brand the rest is quackery

- Questioning and dissenting is a crime

 These dogmas benefit the industry and are destructive for the population.

 What is required for health?

- Naturopathy as the basis of health and treatment 

- The right understanding about acute illnesses

- Safe food and nutrition

- Physical exercise

- Following the circadian rhythm

- Safe and clean environment

- Exposure to the elements

- Physical and mental hygiene 

- Morality and ethics 

- Sustainable livelihoods and income

- Naturally designed cities and housing 

- Knowledge of genuine health and healing to be a part of education

 Scientific medicine feels these are expendable. 

 It depends on us what we accept.