Basic Determinants of Health


We are suffering because we have ignored the basic determinants of health. What are they?

- Food and nutrition

- Physical exercise

- Following the circadian rhythm

- Physical hygiene

- Mental hygiene & discipline

- Morality and ethics

- Safe and non toxic environment

- Clean water and air

- Fertility of the soil

- Adequate vegetation and forest cover

- Caring after the animal kingdom, birds and bees

- Safe and sustainable livelihoods

- Adopting earth and life friendly technologies

- Poverty reduction and equitable distribution of wealth

- Designing habitats that are natural and take care of sanitation and waste recycling

- Man making, nature loving, eco friendly, holistic education

Why does scientific medicine shy away from these issues?

Just adding the word science to medicine does not make it scientific. Science should show results in terms of healthy populations full of vitality and happiness.

Medicine cannot emerge from laboratories. It comes from the factors described above.

The human body is a dynamic biological entity that is geared to ensure life, longevity and health. That it is failing is reflection of our errors.