Common sense approach to the Covid crisis


Date written: 05.05.2021

Common sense approach.

During any acute illness solid food is to be avoided. Citrus and hydrating fruit juices are recommended. Dr Biswaroop Roychowdhury's recommendations are excellent.

The loss of smell, taste, and appetite is the body's signal that it does not want to waste its energy on digesting food. It then concentrates on expelling the toxins in the form of fever, cough, cold, flu, diarrhea, and rashes. These are not disease symptoms, they are cure symptoms. Allow this to happen if you want to help the patient.

We are doing great harm by;

  • Stopping the elimination process
  • Having a protocol applied blindly to everyone
  • Being convinced that only a virus is responsible
  • Refusing to acknowledge other factors that are obviously involved

It is important to keep the patient hydrated and use fruit juices to augment vitality. We are committing a mistake by using steroids and thinking they will help. We are as usual focused on the protocol and the thought that a virus must be vanquished. We are not thinking of the patient and how these drugs will impact him.

We need an individualistic approach. All patients are different. Even if symptoms may be same but body constitution, vitality levels, history of past illnesses, comorbidities, age and sex, access to nutrition, activity levels, exposure to pollution and EMF, stress and anxiety levels will be different from person to person. Should not these factors be considered? The very idea of a magic bullet protocol is obnoxious. Doctors wake up!

Patients are moving en-masse from one stage of the disease to the next. This is a very clear indication of gross mismanagement and lack of understanding of basics. Patients are dying in large numbers. Once again the system is responsible. Only those who are kept within the protocol are dying.

It is a tragedy that anti viral drugs are available over the counter. People are consuming them and not revealing the fact. This must immediately be stopped. If we have alarming levels of deaths such factors will be responsible.

We must also consider how face coverings and use of sanitizers has modified the disease. Are bacterial infections dominating now? Are we investigating this?

Acute diseases come to heal, not to harm. They are resorted to by the body to clear waste and toxins. If a food poisoning patients presents himself with symptoms of fever, diarrhea, vomiting and rashes, is he treated with anti viral drugs? He is given emetics to facilitate the process and his stomach is washed. After the toxins are flushed out he recovers.

We are talking of an overactive immune system. Does inducing fear and anxiety aggravate or alleviate this? Are we investigating whether there are cases of underactive immune systems?

What is causing happy hypoxia? Is the brains signaling system affected? Let us not be fixated on viruses and try to understand what is going on. We are treating people whose health has been severely compromised by our past misdirected interventions. They are paying the price of profiteering insensitive medicine that has been practiced for decades.

There are a few maxims in medicine that the medical world has long forgotten.

  • Doctor do as much nothing as possible
  • Doctors have many things to be worried about, disease is not one of them
  • There is need to rethink if one strategy fails
  • Diligent diagnosis is a must before starting to administer drugs

We have been deceived by a test.

If we want a long term solution;

  • Let us stop undue interference with acute diseases
  • Let us study the medications we use and their impact on people
  • Let us work towards eliminating toxins from the environment and start thinking of how wireless and EMF are affecting us
  • Let us eliminate the global toxic interference that has become our favorite intervention. Public health ought to be about ensuring health not disease
  • Let us urgently ensure safe food and nutrition for all on a war basis
  • Let us stand before those corporate forces that are polluting our environment
  • Let us introduce a form of integrated medicine
  • Let us allow the holistic healers to treat the disease
  • Let us stop blaming the people and concentrate on our own mistakes

I may add to this the sane advice of Dr William Osler - the father of modern medicine; "Do not depend on medical texts as they can mislead you. Depend upon your observation and experience."

Listening to the patient and observing the environment was his forte. He stressed on bedside medicine and asked doctors to allay fears and anxiety. He was in favor of integrated medicine and was a learner till the end. He did not have the ego that experts currently suffer from. If you cannot learn from the patient then you do not qualify to be a doctor.

Hippocrates the father of medicine was a naturopath. His advice still holds because he had a correct understanding of the natural laws of health. Those laws remain the same and are begging to be understood and implemented.

Medical knowledge stands in the way.