What is the guaranteed way of stopping the C drama?


What is the guaranteed way of stopping the drama?

- Hand over the baton to the holistic doctors of India.

The holistic systems are not socially disruptive.

- They don't depend on the germ and virus theory

- They are less focussed on the contagion theory. They believe disease is an internal state of the body

- Consequently they do not require measures like lockdown and other means of public harassment

- They do not induce fear in the minds of people. They realize that a positive attitude is the key towards healing

- They rarely require hospitalization

- They do not impoverish people

- They understand that the seemingly serious people, those who exhibit violent symptoms, are more likely to heal

- They do not suppress elimination symptoms as they recognize the body requires detoxification and the symptoms are indicative of an ongoing detoxification

- They do not adversely affect the immune system and therefore there are no cases of runaway immune reaction or cytokine storm that is at the center of the current crisis

- They rarely fail to heal as they recognize and adhere to the natural laws of health

- The preventive measures adopted actually prevent disease as they strengthen the body's defences. Prevention does not therefore lead to widespread adverse effects and deaths.

The holistic systems are our only hope. Why should people die from the flu? Why should the flu lead to societal collapse?