Vaccinated and doing fine?


Vaccinated and doing fine?

There are 5 types of vaccine adverse effects.

- Immediate anaphylactic reactions

- Short term adverse effects (within 1 to 2 years)

- Midterm reactions (within 5 to 10 years. Most reactions start happening during this period)

- Long term reactions (beyond 15 years. All are affected)

- Intergenerational (progeny are affected. Up to 14 generations may show signs if a microbiome study on fruit flies is considered)

How does this happen?

- Vaccines cause autoimmune and inflammatory disorders that take a long time to manifest

- Vaccines contain heavy metals that stay within the body and do progressive harm. The neurological and psychological adverse effects take time to appear

- Vaccines affect the microbiome that when disturbed progress to many diseases and disorders

- Vaccine adjuvants kick start many a disease process that take time to show up. The adjuvants ensure the vaccine toxins reach every cell of the body. They are extremely toxic in themselves

- Vaccines disturb the natural working of the body and upsets its rhythm. This leads to disease in the short and long term

- Vaccines are slow poison. Its toxic ingredients remain stored in fat cells to work their way towards serious disease

- Vaccines can and do modify behaviour setting off anxiety, tension and behavioural changes that impact health

- Vaccines make us susceptible to other diseases. These are well known as non specific effects

- The body recognizes all vaccine ingredients as the enemy. Vaccines contain ingredients that are present within the body or very similar to them. So the body starts attacking itself and also reacts violently when we take the same as food or are exposed to them. Thus we set the base for the allergies we see all around us

- The natural immunity of the body is replaced by an artificial construct leaving the body thoroughly confused and the results can range from expected to unexpected

- Vaccines do not mimic natural immunity as claimed. Natural exposure through the mouth or nasal passage and vaccines injected into muscles are two totally different things with different outcomes

- Public remain ignorant of the fact that vaccine failures are huge and that it cannot be scientifically and honestly proven that they have eradicated any disease

- Vaccines have always been notorious for causing the same disease they are supposed to prevent. In the small pox epidemic it was observed that the vaccinated were 5 times more likely to come down with the disease, and in case of polio the chances were 6.27. It is the vaccinated who are the real threat. Even with the C disease it has been predicted that it will only worsen the situation and the same is being observed that those vaccinated are coming down with the disease

- A study on autistic children has revealed that their lifespan is decreased by 13 years

- And most important vaccine adverse effects are never acknowledged. There will be thousands rushing in to force you to take the shot but there will be none beside you when you face the consequences

So please don't be proud for becoming lab rats.