Summing up the C Crisis


Summing it up.

There never was a disease caused by any virus. How?

- There is no proof any virus has been purified and isolated. The people who have claimed they have done so have admitted otherwise when confronted

- There is no proof any virus has been demonstrated to cause the varied symptoms classified as C

- The virus being presented is a computer construct that has been agreed upon by a vote

- The test is meaningless. It is picking up genetic fragments abundantly present in the body and magnifying it in a rate that is guaranteed to create false positives

- The inventor of the test Karry Mullis, till his death in 2019, said it is a laboratory tool and cannot detect any infection

- A person who tests positive will die of C irrespective of the real cause of death

- There is an incentive system to label deaths as C deaths

- The WHO treatment protocol of high dose antiviral drugs, steroids, antipyrectics, anti parasite, anti malarial drugs is killing people

- People are dying from ventilator procedures

- The treatment system is wrong. In case of naturopathic, ayurvedic, siddha, and homeopathic treatments there has been 100% recovery and 0 mortality

- Deaths worldwide are occurring in hospitals

- People are dying from other conditions they have and being labelled C

- In the US influenza cases and deaths have declined 98%. In other countries also there is sharp drop. Influenza and related illnesses have become C

- C is not a medical epidemic. It is part of a socio political agenda called the Great Reset. Please read it up

- The disease is a well planned event designed to make people accept the shots which according to French doctors were ready before the event just like the tests

- The plan was in plain sight, put before the public in various forms, and officially declared in 2010

- The disease is an illusion, the shot is the agenda

- The aim is a global collapse, global rule, extensive depopulation, subjugated and sick leftovers who can be extensively controlled, and an AI based operating system that controls society; humans and robots alike

- This and subsequent "health crisis" arising out of the prevention measures and the shots will be projected as waves of the disease, and the response in form of more shots and lockdowns will continue till the goal is achieved

- Sars is expected to last till 2025, after that we will have Spars which is already decided. "Ebola" will also spread as it completely matches an expected adverse effect of these vaccines. There will be more vaccines to tackle the "new diseases"

- The game will last till 2030 unless there is divine intervention that ends it all