Doctors of Kolkata spill the beans on the current crisis


On 27th March senior doctors of West Bengal met to discuss the current crisis. They revealed the following.

- The crisis is about inducing Thanatophobia - putting the fear of death into people

- It looks like a conspiracy rather than an epidemic

- None of the measures put in place have any scientific backing. We are resorting to quackery

- Vaccines are out in the market before clinical trials are over. This is unprecedented

- Doctors and thinkers should stand together and protest the take over of society by the elite corporate philanthropists under the pretence of disease and medicine

- It is wrong to say many doctors have died from the disease. All factors need to be considered

- There is a concept called informed consent which has been forgotten

- We are using vaccines for restricted use under emergency authorization use. Is there an emergency? Restricted use does not mean it should be given to all and sundry

- The vaccine package inserts contain the contraindications - those who should not be given the vaccine. If we consider them none are eligible

- The contraindications are not being considered while implementing the program

- Those suffering from allergies and autoimmune disorders should not take it. Technically the entire population is under the grip of such diseases

- As per manufacturers, ladies intending to have children, pregnant women, and lactating mothers should not take it

- These are new vaccines that have never been tried before. There are ingredients that have never been used before

- The ingredients are highly controversial and known to cause serious harm

- The manufacturers themselves warn that unexpected and serious adverse effects may occur

- They admit they have tested the vaccine for a very short time and are unsure about the results

- They admit they do not know for how long the vaccine will offer protection if any

- They admit the vaccine is not tested properly on the above 65 population and on people with comorbidities, that is chronic diseases. Hence caution must be exercised

- But these segments are receiving priority for vaccination

- The presence of lipid nanoparticles in the vaccines and the use of aluminum hydroxide gel raises suspicion. These are sensitive to electromagnetic frequency. Are they being used for surveillance and control?

- In short we are being experimented upon for unknown reasons

The doctors want the complete picture to be conveyed to the medical fraternity and the public. They have vowed to continue their protest.