Vaccinating 7.8 billion with the Covid 19 vaccines will be the largest medical experiment in history


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“Vaccinating 7.8 billion with the Covid 19 vaccines will be the largest medical experiment in history”

-          Jagannath Chatterjee

With each passing day the revelations about the Covid vaccines continue to shock. The concerns are many but the authorities have a single worry; how to rush the vaccine through before the epidemic vanishes! Terms like “warp speed” being associated with the vaccine makes the public wary and concerns about adverse effects are mounting.[1]

Vaccine safety can never be determined in trials. This is because vaccines are not tested against any genuine placebo but against another vaccine, group of vaccines, the same vaccine minus the antigen, or the highly reactive adjuvants used in vaccines. This makes them "as reactive as the placebo" and therefore deemed safe. There are many such controversies surrounding vaccines and the public remain blissfully unaware about the scandals surrounding them. [2]

Moreover the clinical trial period is too small to detect long term adverse effects that vaccines are famous for. Thus everything depends upon post marketing surveillance which is considered to be a Phase – 4 trial. This surveillance system does not work. Nobody really looks out for adverse effects and therefore reporting is very tardy.

The Harvard Pilgrim Study that looked at the US reporting system stated less than 1% of adverse effects are reported.[3] If the doctors do not know the adverse effects and the vaccine history of the patients, and the patients are not aware, so it is normal that there will be no lookout and no reporting. Whatever is reported is also not acted upon or there is such a delay in analyzing the adverse effects that no action is possible and the reports are buried. 

In India over a 10 year period 10,612 children have died after government vaccination programs, and around 600,000 adverse effects occur every year.[4] These statistics are never acted upon. Replying to the Delhi High Court ruling on the school based MR vaccine campaign that vaccine adverse effects should be advertised, the Government had replied, it would be difficult to meet vaccine targets  because if adverse effects are known no one would vaccinate.[5] The campaign was abandoned in Delhi rather than disclose the adverse effects to the public.

India has a booming private sector that delivers 15 vaccines in addition to the government schedule and earns handsomely from the exercise. There is absolutely no monitoring of this sector.[6]  It is not reassuring that 1340 published scientific studies in the NIH database discuss vaccine links to 292 diseases, disorders and death.[7] The vaccine package inserts admit to 217 diseases reported after vaccination. The clinical trials have recorded 180 diseases.[8] If one has a look at the adverse effects one finds all the modern day diseases contained in them.

What is worrying about vaccines? Why do they cause such drastic adverse effects? We need to probe the ingredients, contaminants and their mode of action to find out. Clearly if one researches vaccines the trust upon the entire system would be replaced by a foreboding sense of fear and disgust.[9]

Before coming to the subject of the Covid vaccine, it is important to know that doctors and nurses are hesitant to take the vaccines. This phenomenon is global. There are vaccines like the influenza and the Hep-B vaccines that are mandatory for doctors and nurses in hospital settings. But very few volunteer to take them as they are fear the adverse effects. This has been researched and reported.[10] In India it is reported that doctors and nurses are wary of the jab.[11] Should the public be forced to take vaccines when the profession itself refuses them?

The COVID-19 vaccines should ring alarm bells because they have a history of serious adverse effects, making the disease worse in vaccinated, and vaccine failure.[12] These adverse effects were reflected in the animal trials. All the vaccinated ferrets who were exposed to the virus to check the vaccine efficacy died. This phenomenon is known as disease enhancement, However the Covid vaccines are glossing over or skipping animal trials.[13]

The proponents of these vaccines like Bill Gates, Anthony Fauci, and even known vaccine lobbyists like Peter Hotez and Paul Offit have warned about the many concerns from the vaccines.

Bill Gates has, in a televised address, informed that 1% of those vaccinated would come down with severe adverse effects. If 7 billion are subjected to the vaccine, the figure turns out to be 700,000.[14] Mr Gates has compared the vaccines to the small pox vaccine that was infamous for spreading the disease as well as the causative factor behind a wide array of adverse effects ranging from tuberculosis and leprosy, to schizophrenia and cancers.  

Dr Anthony Fauci has conceded the vaccine may make matters worse.[15] Drs Peter Hotez and Paul Offit have decried the speed of the clinical trials, and wondered what an mRNA vaccine, being used for the first time, would do to populations.[16]  The concerns are valid. Ordinarily it takes 10 to 15 years to see if the vaccines are relatively safe and can perform. Even at the end of that period vaccines fail on several parameters and very few are approved.[17] The current Covid vaccines are getting ready in eight months.

The inevitable consequence of such rushed attempts is unintended adverse effects. To deflect attention from their culpabilities the manufacturers have asked for legal indemnity. They want to be protected from legal action as they feel the adverse effects will start showing up after 4 years. Countries are waiting to award them the protection they need.[18]

The vaccine trials being conducted in phases have thrown up a plethora of issues. The Astra Zeneca trials were halted after volunteers suffered from serious neurological disorders like multiple sclerosis and transverse myelitis.[19] Facial paralysis (Bell’s Palsy)[20] and viral pneumonitis[21] are among the other adverse effects reported. The rate of systemic adverse effects has been found to be high.[22] These adverse effects can make you skip office or school. Volunteers have narrated they were unexpected and one reported he shivered so bad he broke a tooth. Experts have warned that the systemic adverse effects are “not a walk in the park”.[23] Ignored by the medical community as of no consequence, these adverse effects can proceed towards serious disease.

Six deaths have been reported in the Pfizer vaccine trials.[24] It is noticed that many volunteers are dropping out of the trials and no explanation is offered. In India volunteers have backed away fearful of the impact as reported by NDTV. It has also emerged that 168 adverse effects were reported in the Brazil trial of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine. The regulators could see the hand of the vaccine on only two of them, ignoring 166. [25]

An Indian volunteer of the Astra Zeneca vaccine being produced by the Serum Institute of India (SII) has suffered encephalopathy and memory loss. The victim sued the SII for five crores.[26] SII responded by suing the victim for 100 crores, denying the harm and levelling the accusation of trying to undermine the image of the vaccine manufacturer.[27] However the doctors attending to the victim and treating his symptoms acknowledge that they are indeed caused by the vaccine.[28] Experts have criticized the way the volunteer has been treated, and how the government institutions involved in monitoring the trials have not acted upon the outcome and stopped the trial.[29] In Australia the vaccine trial has been cancelled because the subjects tested positive for HIV.[30] 

The FDA has revealed a list of 21 serious adverse effects that will follow the vaccines.[31] The adverse effects in the list include Guillain-Barre Syndrome, Acute disseminated encephalomyelitis, Transverse myelitisEncephalitis, demyelinating disease, stroke, autoimmune disease, Narcolepsy, cataplexy, Acute myocarditis, Anaphylaxis, Thrombocytopenia, Disseminated intravascular coagulation, Venous thromboembolism, Arthritis and arthalgia, Multisystem inflammatory syndrome and Kawasaki Disease  in children, risks to pregnancy and fetus, disease enhancement, and death. These are all devastating and crippling disorders.

With the trials involving small groups throwing up such major adverse effects, it is not difficult to imagine the scale of devastation the vaccines will impose upon society when administered globally. What is sad is that there will be no liability, no one to take the blame. The people will be left to fend for themselves.

The author has attended a series of webinars[32] titled “Ethical and legal challenges in research in preventive vaccines and in making vaccines available.” The webinars dwelt on several aspects of the Covid vaccines and had panelists ranging from trial volunteers, lawyers, journalists, doctors and medical ethicists. A volunteer reported how he was pulled up for talking about his experience to the media. A woman volunteer narrated how she was repeatedly asked whether she was pregnant or intended to have a baby as the impact of the vaccine on the fetus and on fertility was unknown. There is a lot of concern about its impact on fertility. And this is exactly one of the concerns expressed by a group of highly qualified doctors in an appeal to the European Medical Association. They want the vaccine stopped![33]

It emerged that the placebo being used in the Indian vaccine is the same vaccine! Elsewhere too it has been reported that the Astra Zeneca trial is using the meningococcal vaccine and the placebo and a Brazilian doctor administered that as the “placebo” has died.[34] There is passive surveillance on the volunteers and the onus of reporting adverse effects lies on them. As opposed to a promised two year follow up on foreign volunteers, the Indian volunteers will be followed up only for six months. Journalists reported how their efforts at contacting the vaccine manufacturers came up blank. They admitted they did not go through the trial protocols as they felt they were too technical.

The lawyers rued the fact that Indians remain unaware of Big Pharma tactics and will be easy prey to the politics of the vaccine. They narrated how the unethical HPV vaccine trial on 30,000 tribal girls of Andhra Pradesh and Gujarat in 2010 led to seven deaths and thousands of adverse effects.[35] The issue is still in Court and the delay is justice denied. They opined that Corona crisis has revealed potential corruption in a grand scale and legal recourse needs to be taken to protect the people.[36]

The doctors decried the lack of transparency and pointed out irregularities. They pointed out that the results of trials would take a minimum of two years to be properly reported and it is very likely the vaccine will be administered to the public before it happens. In fact the government has decided to go ahead with the vaccination process despite the regulators seeking more data before authorizing the emergency approval.[37] The ICMR and Government officials denied any wrong doing. And yet they conceded that revealing trial details could antagonize the vaccine manufacturers who could then file court cases. They said emergency use of the vaccine was justified as this is a very big crisis.

The clinical trials are a sure indicator that things are not hunky dory.[38] What queers the pitch is that doctors and scientists studying the Covid vaccine trial protocols have revealed that the trials are not about checking transmission, preventing serious cases that lead to hospitalization and deaths. [39] Pune-based public health specialist Dr Anant Phadke said the main issue with the vaccine is lack of transparency. "There seems to be a rush to get approvals and start the vaccination process. We need empirical evidence that the vaccine works for Indians. Without prejudging the vaccine, we should wait for the results and analyse them," he said. While trials done so far say the vaccine offers protection, there is still a question mark over its ability to stop transmission. "Only one of trials is looking at the transmission aspect. Others are not even tracking it."[40]So what is the purpose of this largest vaccination exercise in history? Is there an agenda behind the exercise? Is this crisis so great that two vaccines 21 days apart should become an annual exercise?

The vaccine ingredients do not inspire confidence. The adjuvants being used are Squalene[41] and Aluminum Hydroxide Gel (in nanoparticle form). Squalene is a controversial adjuvant that has been used in the Swine Flu vaccine that was discontinued because it induced disabilities.[42] Metal nanoparticles are extremely toxic to cells.[43] The mRNA in the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines require the use of synthetic mRNA, lipid coating and nanoparticles. The lipid coating (poly ethylene glycol) is of a substance present in the human body and its use can lead to autoimmune disorders.[44] Nanoparticles are known to cause adverse effects. 

What the mRNA itself will do is being speculated. Doctors believe it could have long term consequences[45] and lead to genetic modification. There have also been studies that show a modified RNA can alter DNA, brain function and behaviour.[46]. The use of Fetal Bovine Serum raises ethical concerns as it is derived from live fetuses extracted after killing pregnant cows.[47] The vaccines will also contain the controversial ethylmercury compound named Thiomersal, linked to wide array of neurological adverse effects, that is a disinfectant.

The vaccines are using aborted human fetal cells.[48] It is yet another means to disturb the host genetic makeup. Simian (Chimpanzee) viruses are being used as vector. These viruses have been used in past vaccines like the small pox and oral polio vaccines and been connected to diseases like cancer and AIDS. Scientists have warned regarding this possibility.[49]

While two nurses have suffered anaphylactic shock on the very first day the vaccine was introduced in the UK[50], leading to a call to set up resuscitation centers[51], the FDA found more than 5000 'health impact events" in total in all categories while probing five allergic reactions to the Pfizer vaccines in the USA. The adverse effect rate in the USA after implementation is around 3%, far above the one in a million adverse effect rates usually attributed to vaccines by its proponents. The Indian government has alerted States and Union Territories to look out for adverse effects.[52] In the UK Artificial Intelligence software is being used as mechanical means will be insufficient to track the many adverse effects that would result.[53] Why do we need to subject populations to such risks for a disease which has a very low mortality rate in India?

What does this vaccine really intend to do? The answer to this question opens the Pandora’s Box.  Various agendas could be intertwined and find expression through this vaccine. A peer reviewed article that awaits publication has this to say;

"As more individuals and organizations connect the technocratic dots and look beneath the coronavirus pandemic’s seductively simple surface, it should become increasingly apparent that the pandemic profiteers do not have people’s best interests at heart. In The State of Our Currencies and other pandemic-related writings, Catherine Austin Fitts (2020a, 2020b) strongly emphasizes the importance of accepting that what is transpiring in the financial, tech, biopharmaceutical, and military-intelligence sectors is interconnected. Part of this involves recognizing that the coronavirus vaccines currently dominating the headlines represent something likely to go far beyond the simple health intervention being held out by scientists and officials as a panacea. Instead, the evidence suggests that Covid-19 vaccines are intended to serve as a Trojan horse to transport invasive technologies into people’s brains and bodies. These technologies could include brain-machine interface nanotechnology, digital identity tracking devices, technology that can be turned on and off remotely, and cryptocurrency-compatible chips (Fitts, 2020b)."[54]

 We are being put up for the largest experiment in history. The common people have no idea what is coming. 

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