How did we fall for the germ and virus theory?


Louis Pasteur And the Myth of Pasteurization – Wellness Journeys

A friend asks, "How did we fall for the germ and virus theory?"

In hindsight it does seem improbable. In fact the qualified doctors never believed Pasteur. The quacks supported him because they were interested in disease and treatment, not health. Pasteur had to sicken people with mercury and arsenic to prove his theory. On his deathbed he is said to have repented and admitted, Bernard is right, the terrain is everything.

But the general public? How did they believe it? For that we have to turn to the other quack - Jenner. His vaccine caused unprecedented levels of allergies as the consequent immunotoxicity made the body respond with violent acute diseases. The medical profession knew the cause - the diseases were first labelled serum sickness - but the powerful quacks moulded the situation their way. The people were told the frequent bouts of illness were infectious diseases caused by pathogens.

In 1884 Dr J Compton Burnett, MD studied vaccinated populations and observed they cause a deep seated chronic disease he termed vaccinosis. Vaccinosis is exactly similar to the homeopathic miasm called sycosis. The sycotic people who bear this chronic disease state have an obsessive fear of germs. It is a very important symptom of sycosis. They constantly wash their hands and even their house to get rid of germs. They cannot help it. So the vaccines created a chronic disease state that made people obsessive about germs!

Thus it became very easy to ascribe vaccine induced illnesses to pathogens. Medical textbooks concentrate on pathogens instead of hunting for the obvious toxic causes of disease - toxic vaccines and drugs, and the 83,000 chemicals that have become a part of our lives. Students study carefully crafted lies for 7.5 years without questioning to become MD's and push more toxins into people. We love to call this forgery scientific but in reality it is satanic and deceptive.