Vaccine hesitancy: Loss of trust and what can be done about it.

"Growing global vaccine hesitancy: The massive loss of trust and what we can do about it."
This was the subject I spoke upon in a video discussion yesterday. There were 5 panelists including me. They were Indian origin doctors from India, USA and UK. The overall title of the discussion was "Tackling Covid 19 in a ecological way so as to prevent a recurrence of similar epidemics."
As it was a private discussion the video cannot be shared which is fine as the panelists fought tooth and nail among themselves and it was not pretty for viewing but excellent for science. 
The following is a brief note indicating the trend of my talk.
I began by stating that vaccine hesitancy was about mistrust in the system stemming from personal or observed harm from vaccines leading to people probing the process and finding yawning gaps. The hesitant do not belong to a homogeneous group. They can be classified as;
- People wanting stricter rules and regulations, honesty and integrity in implementing them, removal of legal indemnity for the manufacturers, and a robust system of adverse events tracking and reporting, coupled with compensation and treatment protocols for those dead and injured
- Those who want safe vaccines without the harmful adjuvants and other objectionable and toxic ingredients in vaccines
- People who have religious objections to vaccines using human aborted fetal cells and use of animal serum and cells in vaccines
- People who wish the freedom to choose which vaccines to take or give to their children. They also want a larger interval between shots and single vaccines per visit than more than one vaccine administered in one visit
- People who are fence sitters. They obey the vaccine schedule but are suspicious and are studying the controversies to know the truth for themselves
- People who do not want any vaccines at all as they are either vaccine injured or have vaccine injured members in their family. Having looked at the impacts first hand they are wary of the shots
- People who are against vaccines because they do not subscribe to the mainstream view of disease and therefore feel vaccines are more about inducing chronic disease than about any prevention
- Those that are anti vaccine because they have researched the science and politics behind vaccines and concluded it is a clear threat to health
- People who reject vaccines because they are rights conscious and they feel the state and the pharmaceutical industry should not dictate their choice of treatment or what should be injected into their bodies.
The above classification is again not rigid and people can belong to more than one group. Thus we see that hesitancy or vaccine rejection applies to a lot of people. This is the reason why more than 50% of the US public and 33% of UK citizens would prefer not to have the Covid 19 vaccines.
It is not just a matter of trust on vaccines. It is a lack of trust on the system for various causes.
- The vaccine industry is not regulated with the severity that it demands. Both CDC and FDA have not only failed to regulate it but also connived with it to push dubious vaccines. The CDC has a for profit wing which benefits from the vaccines it recommends. Individual scientists within the structure are involved with the industry and hold vaccine patents. The FDA has been officially accused of falling asleep at the switch.
- The vaccine trials do not reflect the safety of vaccines. The use of other reactive vaccines as placebo and the glossing over of adverse effects witnessed in the trials make it very difficult to judge the safety of any vaccine.
- Questions of vaccine safety can be ascertained only after it is approved and mass administered. The post marketing surveillance is supposed to monitor both efficacy and safety. However this process exists only in name. Neither the doctors nor the vaccine recipients know about vaccine adverse effects and they are missed. Even if doctors do catch the adverse effects they prefer not to report. As a result the Harvard Pilgrim Study studying the US VAERS system concluded that less than 1% of the adverse effects are reported. Even the adverse effects reported are not acted upon. They just remain as statistics. Vaccines failures are also routinely observed. Neither adverse effects nor the high failure rates result in introspection and action. The US has a public money based compensation system but it is more about rejecting the claims than about helping the victims. Very few have the money power to engage legally. Even then the system has so far paid out $4.3 billion as compensation.
- Noticeable vaccine adverse effects are usually devastating and result in death or permanent disability. They are very serious compared to the common self limiting acute diseases they are supposed to prevent.
- The persistent organized and continuous negation of adverse effects by the authorities and the tendency of attacking the victims or subjugating them by insinuating that are liars and conspiracy theorists have totally antagonized the people. They have realized that there is no justice in the system.
- The revelations about vaccine ingredients and the fact that such toxic elements like mercury, aluminum, squalene, formaldehyde, Polysorbate 20 and 80, antibiotics, human animal and avian cells and serum etc are present in vaccines have made people wary that injury is inevitable
- The many scandals surrounding vaccines that regularly occur worldwide but are hushed up have convinced people that vaccines are more about making people sick and have a dubious agenda
- Scientifically so far vaccine link to 404 diseases have been discussed in 1345 scientific published studies in the NIH database. The vaccine package inserts themselves admit to 217 diseases reported post administration. The vaccine adverse effect reporting website of the WHO clearly shows long lists of serious adverse effects reported after each vaccine. These do not instill confidence as they are attributed to coincidence. The adverse effects reported reflect all diseases that have become epidemic in society today
- The practice of administering vaccines to infants and children who do not produce antibodies have made people question the motives behind vaccination
- That vaccines are not tested on pregnant women or for their ability to cause fetal abnormalities, and for cancers and birth defects is mentioned in the vaccine package inserts
- Whistleblowers from within the system have revealed how studies are manipulated. The CDC is at the center of such controversies and is under Congress investigation
- The medical profession continues to support vaccines despite the many revelations and controversies thus cementing the notion that they care more about the health of the industry than of their patients
- Controversial documents keep disappearing from CDC and WHO websites leading to allegations of obfuscating the issue and hiding the truth
- Constant censorship of vaccine information and discussions in social media and YouTube has fueled mistrust
- Doctors earn handsomely from vaccines and this clouds their judgment and integrity
- Serious diseases like autism, ADHD, neurological disorders, developmental disorders, cancers, diabetes, allergies, etc have flooded the child population worldwide making people question the many interventions directed at them
- The Covid 19 vaccines are novel vaccines never tried before. While vaccines can take up to 10 years to get to the market these vaccines are being rushed through. Animal trials are being skipped. The meningococcal vaccine is being used as the placebo. Paracetamol is being used to mask the adverse effects. Squalene and Aluminum hydroxide gel are being used as adjuvants. Simian and human adenoviruses that have controversies surrounding them are being used as vectors. Already serious adverse effects are being passed off as mild and moderate.
- The mRNA and DNA vaccines being devised involve continually inducing cells to create spike proteins. This method is very risky with unforeseen consequences. They intend to keep the body in a perpetual state of heightened activity that will lay the base for unknown diseases.
- Past attempts at having a vaccine for coronavirus have not succeeded due to serious adverse effects and vaccine failure thus raising doubts over the present rushed vaccines
- Covid 19 is about the inflammatory state of the body and an heightened immune response. Both these states are caused by regular vaccines. There is also the allegations supported by statistics and studies that the past influenza vaccines have primed the body for violent reactions to the virus.
Under the circumstances it is inevitable that the number of skeptics are growing. After the experimental Covid vaccines are launched and their consequences observed the number of skeptics will increase further. This skepticism is progressing from skepticism about vaccines to questioning the entire medical paradigm. The next stage may be an organized global revolt against medicine itself.
What can be done to check this growing trend? The answers are available in the concerns of the various groups themselves. Concerns that cannot be wished away. They should be addressed. As these concerns involve the basic paradigms of medicine, some deep thought is necessary to make medicine a healing approach rather than a disease management approach. The hold of the industry and lobbyists over medicine has already been the subject of the first talk in this discussion very ably propounded by the well versed doctor and this should be applicable for vaccines as well. A lot of effort should go into earning the trust of the people. Personal choices should be honored and imposition of diktats should not be the forte of a medical profession.
The industry will not even try out options like removing objectionable ingredients or spacing out vaccines and respecting the choice of parents because such efforts will lead to a visible fall in adverse effects that will then inevitably be linked to the vaccines. The industry will try its best to continue as usual rather than become embroiled in the fierce accusations from the public.
It is for the ethical medical professionals to assert themselves and ensure the continuance of their system of medication. Reforms are needed. People have to benefit from the system. Medicine is about keeping the healthy at the peak of their health, leading the unhealthy towards health, and curing the sick. The profession ought to reflect on health and emerge from the vicious cycle of disease.
Vaccine reform is about medical reform.

 The facts behind the global rise in vaccine mistrust can be summed up as under;

- The opposition to vaccines is older than Jenner's attempt. Practices like olfaction, variolation, innoculation etc led to serious problems. 

- Jenner imposed his own model on himself and family and repented. His family including him suffered and both he and his wife ultimately died of vaccine adverse effects, a fact not known to the public. Jenner became the first anti-vaxxer as he refused to vaccinate his second son after his first died of tuberculosis due to the vaccine

- The opposition to Jenner was by all reputed doctors of the day including Dr William Osler himself - the father of modern medicine. They raised very pertinent issues and followed them up with official statistics. Their petitions in book form are available

- In 1942 Dr Karl Landsteiner and Dr Merrill Chase published their findings on cellular immunity which proved only natural infection can provide immunity. Scientifically the concept of vaccines died with that study. But just as the virus theory dragged on because it suited the industry, vaccines also dragged on regardless of evidence

- Childhood illnesses soared after the small pox vaccine was repeatedly administered. This was pointed out by doctors. Diphtheria occurred in children as the small pox vaccine spread bovine syphilis, and tetanus occurred due to the operation that was a part of vaccine administration. And yet the DPT vaccine was launched with grave consequences. Tuberculosis spread due to the vaccine and this paved the way for the BCG vaccine which was later proven to be 0% effective

- In 1986 the concept of Th1 and Th2 immune imbalance came into being. Scientists who ascribed this to vaccination were quickly censored and the connection dumped 

- In 1993 came the observation of cytokine storm, an autoimmune disorder caused by an immune system gone haywire. Pediatricians quickly realized what was beyond cytokine storm observed in children but they kept their observation to themselves. The theory itself was so channeled that it was ascribed to a "healthy immune system"

- In 2006 it was observed that acute infections prevent cancers. (Exposures to febrile infectious childhood diseases were associated with subsequently reduced risks for melanoma, ovary, and multiple cancers combined, significant in the latter two groups). Many raised the issue that we were erring by "preventing" them. Again these concerns were trashed.

- We have 1345 published scientific studies in the Pubmed database discussing vaccine link to 404 diseases and disorders including death. The vaccine package inserts report 217 diseases and disorders including death reported after vaccination. The IoM studied 157 of them, agreed to 153 and kept its judgment reserved for 4. The clinical trials have revealed 180 diseases and disorders linked to vaccines. If you study these lists you will find all the modern day diseases contained in them

- All chronic diseases and disorders we have today can be described as "autoimmune inflammatory immunotoxic disorders". Vaccines are best poised to cause such conditions

- The WHO and other agencies have historically tried their best to declare vaccines as safe and denied the links to all chronic disorders we witness today. Through RTI requests activists have records of internal discussions which are shocking because the harm is acknowledged and decisions taken to hide them. Award winning investigative researcher Janine Roberts has detailed a lot in her books "Vaccine Papers" and "Fear of the Invisible".

All of this make critics come to the conclusion that the industry safeguards and promotes vaccines to create the disease epidemics that help it to grow and profit.