The Coronavirus Vaccine Plan

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The trials are not over. There are serious doubts on safety and efficacy. The need for a vaccine is being debated as large swathes of the population have already developed antibodies.
In fact during the trials choosing volunteers without antibodies became a problem.
The virus has officially mutated more than 30 times and doctors say they observe 6 types of corona infections. The ring of the virus, vital for mRNA and DNA vaccines, has also mutated. Therefore vaccines are a non starter.
But already the CDC has decided to convene an immunization committee meeting to decide who will be vaccinated and also probably whether the vaccine will be mandated.
So needed or not, safe or not, effective or not, people are getting the vaccine.
Will it be mandated?
It need not be. Even without any mandate the purpose can be served. Already it has been decided the following category will receive the vaccine first.
- Healthcare workers
- The elderly and those suffering from chronic diseases
- Pregnant women
- Soldiers
And then there will be those who will willingly line up for the shots. There will be plenty in that category. People have been adequately brainwashed by the media.
Then the situation will get worse as the experts are pointing out. The vaccines will make both individual disease and the epidemic worse because that has been the findings of past coronavirus vaccines!
Then that worsened situation will be publicized to call for more vaccine doses in a wider population.
As things further worsen it will be made mandatory for public good.
This strategy started with the small pox vaccine. The vaccine made the disease worse and was directly responsible for the spread. In response the vaccine drives were intensified and the army and police were called in to give it at gunpoint.
The OPV caused waves of paralysis in children. When doctors pointed it out they were advised to give more doses! The two drops campaign became a countrywide 50 doses per child campaign.
The Dhiman et al study calculated it paralyzed 491,704 children between 2000 to 2017. Between 2000 and 2012 (the year India was declared polio free) that 50 dose campaign was perfected.
Our children were mercilessly slaughtered as the vaccine also caused an inordinate number of deaths.
No one cares to monitor the private sector vaccine consequences. It is a free for all with 15 additional vaccines. Big business.
In 2013 it was revealed by a whistleblower the private sector earns Rs 8100 crores annually from vaccines. The whistleblowing senior doctor and IAP executive committee member was physically assaulted and thrown out of the IAP.
It is this private sector who will gain tremendously from the coronavirus vaccines. Nobody will care about the consequences.
The WHO will ensure there will be no accountability and responsibility. Its adverse effect reporting protocol is so arranged it is impossible to attribute adverse effects to vaccines.
People will once again be slaughtered at the altar of science. It will be a repeat performance.
Another strategy will be to make the vaccine certificate a pass you will need for vital day to day affairs. You will need it to go outside, to travel, get health benefits, and even to enter the premises of offices and buildings.
There will also be naming and shaming for those who refuse the vaccine. This is already been observed. People pointing out the foolishness of this vaccine and irregularities in the trial are being subject to ridicule. Fear has been induced in people and the vaccine has been projected as the solution.
People have fallen for the ruse in large numbers. In their minds the vaccine has become equivalent to god.
Medicine has always been like this. Hiding under the guise of science it has made the globe sick with vaccines and then used the resultant epidemics of serious chronic diseases to grow and profit.
It is worse than a death cult.