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Today we live in an extremely toxic environment. The dominant medical system ignores the toxicity and prefers to look at bacteria and viruses, and some process changes within the body dealing with toxicity, to treat the poisoned populations.

As a result we have very serious deep rooted chronic degenerative diseases that make people rush towards the very system that keeps them sick. The system cannot make them well again because it is focused on and gains from disease, but devoid of choice and knowledge people keep doctor hopping, going from one doctor to another, hoping that elusive cure would one day drop on their lap. No one has ever succeeded in that quest.

Here I will provide a basic guide as to how people can be relieved of their disease burden.

There are six aspects to be healed from disease. They are;

  • Detoxification
  • Repair and nourishment
  • Restoring alkalinity and oxygenation
  • Ensuring preservation of vitality
  • Acquire the knowledge of health and natural laws to obey them and maintain health
  • Actively work towards a better natural and non toxic environment

Every disease is amenable to these actions. These actions form the basis of healing systems like naturopathy and ayurveda. Both have extensive detoxification procedures and tissue repair through nourishment and lifestyle changes as their base. The patients are educated about basic health concepts and are expected to use them to stay healthy.

What is this toxicity we are talking about? Primarily it is the buildup of waste matter in the body; matter that is not eliminated through stool or urine. The waste matter buildup leads to ennervation or loss of vitality. One feels sluggish, fatigued and uneasy. It can also lead to a faulty lifestyle with disturbances in sleeping and habit patterns. The digestion and elimination organs become less effective leading to more waste retention. Thus it becomes a vicious cycle.

The other forms of toxicity arise due to wrong food intake, wrong mentality, and wrong actions. In the modern world it takes the form of toxins in food and environment, consumption of junk food, medical practices like vaccinations and the consequent uses of antibiotics, other drugs and steroids, and the suppressive treatment.

What is suppressive treatment?

Our body has an innate healing system. When there is a waste matter and toxin build up in the system, the body seeks to eliminate the waste and toxins through acute diseases like colds, cough, fever, diarrhea, dysentery, and skin eruptions. Interfering with this process leads to suppressive treatment.

What happens then? The elimination / rectification process is affected, toxins stay within the body, and the vitality is depleted. With repeated such suppressive methods the body is no longer able to operate normally and heal itself, and chronic disease results.

Even in persons afflicted with chronic diseases, the body may periodically try to initiate efforts to eliminate toxins by using fevers, influenza like symptoms, diarrhea, dysentery, rashes etc. These can be seasonal and in the population it can be mistaken as an infectious disease caused by external bacteria or viruses.

The modern medicos do not understand the basics of disease and cure and employ toxic drugs and vaccines that have very serious adverse effects. These lead to increased mortality and worsening of health giving people the impression they are suffering "deadly diseases". The consequences of the wrong approach and medications are blamed on the pathogen thus reinforcing the notion of evil bacteria and viruses.

The bacteria and viruses causing these acute diseases are actually helping in the elimination process. They are friends and not enemies. The response should be to fast (so that the full energy of the body can be utilized in the elimination), or take liquid diet and rest. Availing sunshine and open air, and providing sympathy and care to the suffering person aid the process.

The challenges;

But not all diseases may be helped by naturopathy alone. Or the relief may be there but the body's tendency to fall sick may remain. Thus there is often an underlying deep seated chronic state that has to be addressed.

  • With the popularity of modern medical methods and with rampant use of drugs and vaccines, diseases have become extremely complicated and the severe toxicity at cellular and genetic levels can and does hinder complete recovery.
  • The vitality of the body, essential for naturopathic cure, may become so depleted that cures through naturopathy may become difficult.
  • The patient may have encountered mental shocks and disappointment that weigh him or her down preventing a recovery.

Role of homeopathy;

Homeopathy can help eliminate such chronic disease states that hinder complete recovery.

Homeopathic potentized medicines act on the vitality of the patient and revive it. The revived vitality then takes over the job guided by well selected homeopathic remedies.

Direction of cure;

It is observed that disease then proceeds in the reverse direction in which it appeared.

For example, a suppressed skin problem could have led to acidity, the suppressed acidity could have affected liver and pancreas, and this disease can then progress to the kidney.

Under homeopathic treatment the cure progresses in reverse direction. The kidney problem resolves with the appearance of liver and pancreatic disorders, these disorders resolve with the appearance of acidity, the acidity resolves with the appearance of the skin disorder. The skin disorder then heals leading to a cure.

Homeopathic cures occur at physical, mental and emotional levels. The patient gets back a normal mentality and behavior pattern. This normalcy puts him in tune with nature and he then understands the overall issue and obeys natural laws spontaneously.

Herring's Law;

The above mentioned progress of disease and cure is known as Herring's Laws. This law states that disease progresses from outward to within, from a less important organ to a more important organ, and from bottom to the top.

Similarly cures progress from within to outward, from more important organs to less important one, from top to bottom.

It is very important to understand these laws. Cures do not happen spontaneously. They follow a pattern. Old diseases may resurface. The body may again take up the elimination job and fever, cough, cold, diarrhea, dysentery, and skin eruptions may appear.

Healing Crisis;

This is also known as the healing crisis and is essential for healing. If this process does not start then real healing may not have taken place.

This healing crisis often scares people and they stop treatment. It is the duty of the healer to educate the patients about this and guide him through the process.

What steps to follow?

In case of any deep rooted disease it is better to follow the above and below mentioned approach.

  • Go in for naturopathic detoxification and also ayurvedic Panchakarma. One can make them a yearly routine
  • Take nutritious food as per naturopathic principles and ayurvedic body type
  • Keep yourself hydrated with clean water and juicy fruits 
  • Avoid junk food, acid and mucous creating foods. You can become a vegetarian if you feel so
  • Make a habit of taking raw food as this is the best form of alkaline and energizing food
  • Use cold pressed organic mustard, groundnut or coconut oil for cooking
  • Normalize the cycles of eating and sleeping
  • Undertake periodical dry or water or juice fasting, preferably once or twice a month
  • Never put off the urge to go to the toilet or retain urine 
  • Take up yoga and meditation, pranayam every day to increase vitality
  • Chant and listen to mantras and healing music to ward off negative energy and thoughts. These are great for clearing unseen blockages that seem to hinder cure
  • Go on morning walks in green parks and be with nature for some time. Nature is the greatest healer
  • Walk barefoot for earthing
  • Do good deeds and change your attitude towards others. Help others and help will arrive for you
  • Find out the purpose of life and work towards fulfilling it.

Often very depleted and disheartened patients will not have the motivation to take up the above. Their friends and relatives should take it upon themselves to help the person and slowly guide him towards a routine. They will earn good karma from this.

Some things are very important to stay healthy in today's world. The first is to ensure a non toxic atmosphere and go in for organic safe food. The second is to stay away from the trap of modern medicine. The modern doctors and their methods are the greatest impediment to health and the cause of all modern day diseases and increase in incidence of earlier observed conditions that we observe in society.

What about COVID-19?

Nutritionist Dr Biswaroop Roychoudhury has documented 12,500 cases of COVID-19 cures. Homeopaths, ayurveds, naturopaths and Siddha practitioners have cured COVID-19 patients. They have all done it based upon the principles of their systems of medicine, not upon the presumption of any pathogen.

Trying to prove a pathogen and providing the name to a condition distracts from the cure and leads to what is known as sequelae, other disease names. This is what we are observing in Covid recovered. They are suffering because the underlying condition is interfered with and the medicines and vaccines given have very serious adverse effects.

Disease is primarily about the bodily response to toxicity. Pathogens are almost always about providing the trigger and aiding the process. The doctor’s duty is to assist the process and help the body recover, not do anything that increases mortality and pushes the patient into a more serious condition.

But that is exactly the goal of what we call modern scientific medicine. Health and cures are anathema to it because it needs ill health and disease to grow and profit.

The very fact that the medical empire has grown to gargantuan proportions and yet there is call for more doctors and hospitals proves that health is nowhere in its radar. The medical industry creates the illusion of science and scientific studies to perpetuate the notion that disease is normal and disease management, not good health and cures, is the desired objective.

Keep this note with you. Just this much knowledge will save you and your family from the catastrophic situation that billions all over the world have landed in.