Do vaccines make children healthy?

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Do vaccines make children healthy?
Consider the following;
- Childhood illnesses are necessary and a part of growing up. Only those who need those illnesses will get them. They are a natural detoxification procedure. We can reduce their incidence only by reducing toxins in food and environment
- Vaccine proponents say vaccines create antibodies that protect from disease. Do infants and children produce antibodies? No. A semblance of the immune system forms by the age of 3 to 5. The immune system matures by age of 33
- Before the advent of vaccines chronic diseases were almost non existent in children. Today 54% of children suffer from serious chronic diseases. The number of pediatric hospitals are increasing. You cannot open a pediatric clinic unless you have neurologists, neuro psychiatrists, endocrinologists, oncologists, development disorder specialists, and even cardiologists. Speaks volumes does it not?
- 1 in 6 children suffer from neurological disorders. 1 in 36 to 59 children suffer autism
- If you go through the NIH website you will find 1339 studies discussing vaccines link to 292 diseases. And the list is growing. Vaccine package inserts speak of 217 diseases as adverse effects
- The current global plan to repeatedly administer mRNA and DNA vaccines in the name of coronavirus vaccines will change the DNA of entire populations. The first impact will be the human race will become sterile. Sterility is the inevitable result of genetic modification. What else will happen cannot be predicted because such vaccines have not been tried in humans before. Animal trials have led to extremely serious impacts. This is the reason why animal trials have been skipped this time
Vaccines are a deadly deception designed to make people sick so that the pharmaceutical industry can grow and profit. Take away vaccines and the health care industry will collapse. But this time the intended effects are much more scary.
The combined impact of vaccines, GMOs, pesticides and herbicides, processed food and meat, 5G, smart dust, chemtrails cannot be imagined. Not only will we be devastated physically; mental sanity will be lost and all spiritual doors will be permanently closed A great game is being played with us. The game is being watched by elite who are currently operating from their bunkers. The world has become a hollywood set, scripts are being played out by governments, and we are the helpless actors.
More is to come. The eerie and satanic opening ceremony of the CERN tunnel made Thomas Horn comment another portal is being opened that will enable ghouls from nether worlds to cross over. They will be the owners of the new world. Will they occupy our bodies? I think yes. The zombie apocalypse is now a reality.