Coronavirus: Why we should not panic

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Why we should not panic.
- This virus has a mortality rate way below the usual influenza epidemics if those not diagnosed and those asymptomatic are counted. The mortality rate is very likely less than 1%. Dr Anthony Fauci has confirmed this in NEJM.
- We have many diseases running now with really frightening mortality rates. This virus is not even a shadow before them.
- In Italy those in charge have pointed out 99% of those who died had serious underlying diseases. They probably died WITH the virus and not FROM the virus. Huge difference. The underlying diseases have caused the deaths.
- The usual flu when it flares up causes a lot of cases, a lot of hospitalizations, and a lot of deaths. Hospitals have never been overwhelmed.
- Coronavirus is a very old common cold virus and we all have been exposed to it. The tests now being devised probably will test everyone positive if they are tested. This is the reason why Trump is rejecting these tests. The tests will merely increase the panic and fear.
- The current figures being publicized internationally must be including cases of flu and other respiratory illnesses. They may be highly inflated.
- The novel virus has been spreading earlier than detected. That means millions in all countries may have already been exposed and herd immunity will come very soon.
- People are recovering without any medications in very large numbers. In India I have read simply sipping hot water and taking nourishing soups have helped people overcome in a hospital setting.
- People who have recovered say they feel better indicating the cleansing properties of viral infections. This supports ethical virologists when they say viral infections are common today as heavy metals and extreme toxins have invaded our bodies. The infections are cleansing procedures, the body's response to toxicity.
- In India Dr Nageswar Reddy says we have a strain of the virus which is not as bad as in other countries and that he expects that with rising temperatures everything will soon return to normal. He has indicated the moment a vaccine is released and accepted the drama will be over.
- We should remember the swine flu scam that the WHO perpetrated to profit the pharmaceutical industry. Countries had to dump the medications they had procured by unnecessarily spending millions. All countries worldwide incurred huge losses and Pharma laughed its way to the bank.
- Many governments are locking down because they fear public anger if they don't. It is the people who have panicked, not governments. The worries before governments are the economic fallouts.
- The Indian Prime Minister has already blamed the WHO for spreading panic. The current head of the WHO is not a medical doctor. He is suspected to be a very close ally of a philanthropist.
- In India three crucial people who matter have maintained their cool. Dr Harsh Vardhan, Dr Balram Bhargava, and Sri Shripad Naik. They probably know what is going on. The government is simply waiting it out. As very powerful international forces are involved governments have become powerless.
- US President Donald Trump has very clearly stated that the cure being proposed by the medical industry is worse than the disease.
Please go through links posted in comments section for authenticity of above. That is essential to get the complete picture.
I support the lockdown, personal hygiene, and social distancing. The government has introduced the measures after long deliberations. They currently remain the best option and ought to be strictly followed by everyone.
We are doing a great disservice by spreading unnecesary panic. We should concentrate on what is going on behind the smokescreen. President Trump is taking some very right decisions despite being under severe pressure. His actions will provide strength to other governments worldwide. We should be very wary of the international Big Media that is now totally under the control of the international forces. They are using it as a tool. The articles, views and even photographs may have been prepared well in advance for an orchestrated onslaught. Let us patiently overcome this crisis.