2020: India Almanac predicts a bad year

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Indian Almanac Predicts a Bad Year.
There seems to be no let up in the bad news sector. A very popular Indian Almanac (called the Kohinoor Panji) based on ancient systems of calculations and symbolism has predicted a very disturbing picture of the Indian new year starting April 2020.
- The traditional system shows following the sequence this year coincidentally all deities have their preferred weapon in their hands. Sri Krishna has Dharma, Chakradhar has Chakra, Hanuman has Gada. Similarly for others. When this happens very furious wars take place with certainty.
- Rainfall is symbolized as the Ocean. Thus there will be very severe downpours leading to unprecedented floods. Cyclones are also predicted.
- Hanuman has fire in his head. This very unusual symbol indicates both extreme summers and also a rise in fire incidents.
- The death rate will surpass the birth rate. This indicates serious loss of life due to various causes.
- Agriculture will be seriously affected and food scarcity can happen. Already the changed climate in India has adversely affected crops.
Should such almanacs be believed? The almanacs generally help the farmers with their very accurate weather and climate trends. We who work in the climate sector often listen to experts joke in our workshops and gatherings that the advances in scientific predictions can go wrong but the almanac never fails.
It has a system of calculations that is very old and it indicates trends that have a very high degree of accuracy. This particular almanac is from Odisha - a state which is proud of ancient astronomers who devoid of any equipments have charted the planets and stars with hundred percent accuracy simply using sticks for measurement. The Planetorium of Odisha is named after Pathani Samanta a historical figure modern astronomers bow down to.