2020 and Beyond: Planets and the future

Panchamukha Anjaneya Homa, Panchmukhi Hanuman, Panchmukhi Hanuman ...

Astrologically speaking.
- Currently six planets in retrograde. Results will not be good for many
- Solar eclipse in June followed by a lunar eclipse within a month in July. Very unusual. Supposed to be a very bad omen
- Planets going into watery signs from July to September indicates a very heavy monsoon with consequent flooding. Cyclones expected. A big earthquake is also likely.
- Planets changing houses may provide some relief in September
- Alignments in December denote a return of fear
- Extraordinary six planet alignment in 9th February 2021 with Saturn as head indicates a sure and certain very tough new world order
This is what I have gathered by surfing astrological sites. Many astrologers are hinting of a big war in Asia in 2021 which will set the stage for the next world war.
As I have written earlier astrologers say the coming three to four years are extremely problematic with unexpected events at every step. We have left the easy times behind to enter a very uncertain phase. Planets indicate a 14 year very difficult period. Some say the coming 45 years will not be easy. After that we will have a new society based on natural laws.
The Jagannath Ratha Yatra due in Puri in June may not be held. There are two predictions I have read. One is about a Ratha Yatra held in October. The other is about Ratha Yatra being stopped for a period of six years indicating a very troubled period where it will not be possible to hold the Yatra. There is a similar Lingaraj Ratha Yatra which is held in April in the city of Bhubaneswar and could not be held. Predictions say once it stops it will not be held for 20 years. As my books are not with me, being borrowed by a friend prior to the lock down, I cannot confirm.
Should we be disheartened? No. The astrological signs show a collapse of the old order. A complete collapse which will be hastened with tremendous speed in the end. During this period, though there will be chaos, people will fully realize the follies committed and majority will repent. They would seek the solace of yester years. The new world order will be imposed but Saturn at the head indicates it will be to discipline people. So through the gloom there is an undercurrent of justice and discipline. It will be judgement time.
Thus hang on. Be patient.
Yes negative energies are operating. But the six planet configuration in December 2019 that triggered the crisis indicates the Supreme has taken over the reigns. The negative powers will be used by Him to serve His needs and intent. The Lord has provided many indications and signs which we should have collectively recognized and reformed on our own. But now the reforms and change will be imposed on us whether we like it or not.