Vaccines: Where do we go from here?

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The confessions of vaccine godfather Stanley Plotkin that vaccines are a shot in the dark and the admission by top ranking scientists and doctors in the WHO vaccine safety meet that vaccine safety is a big concern that is never in focus and that the medical profession has only half a day of vaccine education in medical schools, should shut down the nefarious practice. But that is not going to happen. Such confessions will only protect the perpetrators with the excuse that they did raise warning signals. It will mask the fact that they have killed and sickened millions for money even after being presented with irrefutable evidence that vaccines are neither safe nor effective.

Vaccine conferences have always revealed startling facts. In the infamous Simpsonwood CDC meet of 2000 at Georgia, doctors and scientists were presented evidence through two large CDC studies that vaccines cause autism. The association was 762%. They discussed on the fallout and decided to bury the connection even as they conceded they would not vaccinate their own children.

Medical journalist Janine Roberts who regularly attended such conferences and workshops meticulously recorded them and we have two books full of information proving that the medical profession has known all along that vaccines are the most dangerous medical intervention ever devised. The books Vaccine Papers and Fear of the Invisible are a must read for those who want to know the truth. Imagine that at a WHO conference the polio vaccine manufacturers admitted that the cancer causing SV40 contamination in the polio vaccine likely continues because the contamination is in the vaccine seed and that there is no technology that can eliminate a virus from a live virus vaccine. This was in 1999. Since then cancers have become more common than the common cold.

The book Evidence of Harm chillingly details how the link between vaccines and autism was actively and murderously concealed by the highest authorities. J B Handley exposed how Court certified vaccine experts warned about the vaccine autism connection and the evidence was suppressed. We have collections of thousands of studies detailing vaccination harm. Yet the profession which believes it is scientific will not touch them because their empire would collapse if it is revealed they themselves cause the harm that is then profitably addressed at the expense of the victims. These professionals must be tried Nuremberg style and put away heavily chained in Alcatraz like jails. Instead they are at the helm of "health care". Nothing will change unless there is a public rebellion and absolute refusal to accept the muck injected into our children.

Will India stop and reconsider?

Our worst fears have come true. Hospitals are reporting infant and child deaths have shot through the roof. Hundreds are dying every month. Health officials are admitting infant mortality figures are wrong as only deaths in government hospitals are being counted. Deaths at home and in private hospitals are being ignored. This is a huge admission.

Deaths from vaccines are being regularly reported in the media. Doctors have warned several years ago that each vaccine could be killing thousands every year and that the newer vaccines introduced are killer vaccines with a track record. Health experts are busy giving a clean chit to vaccines. Coincidence figures have become astronomical. Our government has admitted in 2018 that 10,612 children have died coincidentally immediately after vaccination and that 600,000 injuries are being reported every year again coincidentally after vaccination.

When parents retort angrily after their children die they are being told other children too have been vaccinated and they haven't died. That vaccines are subjected to the most stringent safety tests and also that the particular incident would be probed. These excuses are a part of health workers training programme. I know because I have attended one such programme. Officials too are asked to resort to them. Our scientific apparatus thus rests very strongly on the ability to blatantly lie and trivialize infant deaths.

While deaths force the media to focus, what is unreported is the serious diseases our children are suffering from after the vaccination schedule has been expanded. From autism to cancers the list is long. There is no hope that there will be any justice. Bill Gates has been handed over the Health Ministry on a platter. He is free to do whatever he pleases and we know what pleases him most. I think we have fallen off the cliff and the only thing we can hope for now is that the fall is fast. In a scenario where there are no more children there will be less to die.