Dear doctors: How did you ever accept all of this?

Dear doctors. How did you?
- How did you settle down with the idea that chronic disease is normal?
- How did you agree to the concept that diseases cannot be cured?
- How did you continue with the germ and virus theory even when it failed to meet the Koch Postulates?
- How did you accept the chemical model of health despite knowing it was a convenient tool in the hands of the petroleum and chemical corporate giants?
- How did you accept without question the leadership of the greatest thug in the history of human civilization?
- How did you accept as science the rules put forward by a Nazi conglomerate that experimented in concentration camps?
- How did you continue to believe that people needed only chemicals when food is essential for life?
- How did you accept the idea that the chemical approach put forth by corporate interests was the only way and the other tried and tested systems were quackery?
- How did you abstain from questioning even as you observed diseases spreading like the plague because of your interventions?
- How did you not try to find out what you are asked to inject into pregnant women infants and children despite proclaiming that you have a scientific bent of mind?
- How did you still believe that you are honest when confronted with proof that the very foundation of your system is built upon extreme manipulation and greed?
- How did you agree to an extremely violent and expolitative system despite knowing that health is built upon empathy and care?
- How did you abandon morality and ethics despite knowing the impacts of profligate lives?
Is it because you took it up as a livelihood option? How did you agree to kill for money?
Do you get real medical education, or are you being systematically indoctrinated by the Capitalist lobby?
Take a close look at the following:
Most Common Attacks on Children ......
01. Antibiotics - 
02. Children's Tylenol - 
03. Wheat Bread - 
04. Cow's Milk - 
05. Vaccination - 
06. Commercial Fruit Juice - 
07. Vitamin K Shot - 
08. Infant Formula - 
09. Cell Phones / Wireless Internet - 
10. Commercial Vitamins - 
11. Microwaved Food - 
12. Mercury Teeth Fillings - 
13. Teflon / Non Stick Pans - 
14. Fluoride Tooth Paste - 
15. Pesticides on Non Organic Foods and The Lawn - 
16. C-sections - 
17. Ultra Sounds - 
18. Plastic Containers - 
19. GMO Foods - 
20. Smart Meters - 
21. Soy Products - 
22. A Mother's Unhealthy Food and Lifestyle Choices Before and During Pregnancy - 
23. Chemtrails (the lines in the sky) - 
24. Behavior Medication - 
25. Circumcision - 
26. Medical Kidnapping - 
27. Living Near Power Lines - 
28. Medical System Birthing - induction medication, epidurals, medical traumas for mother and baby that lead to massive psychological problems for everyone in the family unit - 
29. Sugar and Junk Food - 
30. Smart TV's - 
31. The Prussian Based Education Model - 

What do you think? Are you comfortable that this is not a part of your medical education?