Vaccination: A Matter of Faith

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The problem with vaccination is that nobody can explain how it works. The common notion that weakened disease agents are injected or orally given to induce antibodies to protect against diseases is not scientifically valid on many counts. It was an 18th century assumption that has today been proven scientifically wrong.

Edward Jenner who invented vaccines was not a doctor though he pretended to be a surgeon. His intention was to promote something novel, get a grant from King George III and become famous. So he picked up the idea of cow pox preventing small pox (which too was not his idea but the idea of a farmer proposed several decades earlier to him and abandoned because it was found that dairy maids who suffered cow pox were not immune to small pox). But that did not deter Jenner who despite serious objections of genuine doctors of the day decided to pursue his fallacy and after obtaining a six month diploma in medicine (which again was completed by a friend of his as admitted by him in a correspondence), he managed to get the grant from King George and thus began the process of vaccination.

The very serious adverse effects (ranging from small pox, deaths, tetanus, diphtheria, syphilis, leprosy, cancers of various kinds, tuberculosis, eczema, sepsis, necrosis, and various kinds of neurological and mental disorders) made both public and doctors angry and they fought him tooth and nail. But the quacks of the day pursued the practice as the promise of lifetime immunity reduced to six months and they gained a lot of money from the six monthly vaccination process. Even geniuses like the second Hippocrates Sir William Osler denounced the practice and declared it to be a superstition.

In 1942 when Dr Merrill Chase, MD discovered the concept of cellular immunity and thus proved that antibodies alone did not offer any kind of protection, many thought that the process of vaccination would be stopped for good. But by that time the Oil Barron Rockefeller was firmly in charge of medicine and he had realized that vaccination was a good way to induce disease in society so that the petrochemical and chemical products introduced by him could sell well and bring him profits and global domination.

Immunology has progressed in leaps and bounds since then. Today we know that the infant does not have the ability to produce antibodies, a capacity that somewhat develops by the age of five. Thus the antibody theory falls flat when it comes to childhood illnesses (which again have been today demonstrated to be a necessity and a pathway to health). The supposedly adult illnesses like diphtheria, tetanus, and rabies do not fall into the "immunity" category as even natural experience of these illnesses do not produce immunity. You can suffer these diseases despite having suffered them earlier. The tuberculosis vaccine was proven to be 0% effective in a 15 year old trial by ICMR but it continues because stopping it was disturbing for the industry.

The notion that only weakened pathogens are injected via vaccination is a hoax. The mixture of heavy metals, extreme neurotoxins, genotoxins, endocrine disruptors, high range antibiotics, brain and foetal barriers invading chemicals, emulsifiers, aborted human and bovine foetal cells, dog, monkey, chicken, and insect cells, human, bovine, monkey, and avian serum is so intensely toxic and damaging it ought not to be in the building where you can venture let alone be injected or administered to anyone.

Today officially vaccines are connected to 292 diseases, disorders, disabilities including death of which 158 cannot be denied as the link to various diseases have been proven beyond doubt. The vaccination package inserts themselves admit to 152. Studies by the Institute of Medicine too points to a figure beyond 150. This is despite the unofficial diktat by industry and lobbyists not to study vaccines and the intense persecution of those that still do.

When in the early phase of my campaign (sometime in the 90's) I had asked the renowned immunologist Dr Herman Fudenberg the list of vaccine induced diseases, he had responded with a single sentence, "All diseases in internal medicine." When I had asked Dr Pushpa Mittra Bhargava (a vaccine developer himself) he had said, "All diseases today can be described as autoimmune, inflammatory and immunotoxic. No other medical intervention can induce such a state better than vaccines." They and doctors like Shiv Chopra have confirmed my worst suspicions.

My own experience has been horrific. The vaccine given to me had exploded like a phosphorous bomb within my body. It was a miracle that I survived though I am still suffering its intense effects.

Our energy today must be devoted against this heinous practice that is destroying children in front of our eyes. In the USA in the year 2011 it was declared that 54% of the children suffer from serious chronic disorders with several suffering more than one. The figure in India could be around 70 to 80%. Diseases like autism are today 1 in 59. Serious neurological disorders 1 in 8. Cancers are spreading like wildfire among children as are diseases like insulin dependent diabetes. Let us now think how we can unitedly raise our voice to protect our children.