Do human beings have roots?

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Do human beings have roots? Well trees have roots and they are thus visibly connected to the earth which is a treasure house of microbes and nutrients. The leaves receive energy from sunlight. Plants are also affected by light and temperature that rules their behaviour and internal mechanisms. Throughout the day and night a clock work like precision rules them.

This was first recognized in the West in 1729 by the French astronomer De Mairan. Thus the flora are connected to the earth and are nourished by it making them a wonderfully resilient species.

What about living beings? The biological clock operates in living beings too and the term Circadian (day time) rhythm applies equally to them. Thus this could be the beginning of the human root, or connection with nature that Indian Ayurveds discovered many thousands of years ago. They connected the biological clock to the mind, body, emotions, and organs.

The rules of ayurveda revolve around this vital clock work. A fully healthy body and mind works smoothly without any trouble when it is aligned with this clock; the human root. Today cellular biology has observed that the circadian clock affects each cell of the body.

Ayurveda went beyond this and studied the effects of various planets on health and thus developed the health branch of astrology. They discovered the finer bodies; the karana sharira (causal body), the sukshma sharira (the finer body) and the sthula sharia (the visible body). They found that the visible body is guided by the finer body (which extends beyond the physical body as the aura) and both are based on the causal body. Diving deep they discovered the Atman (the soul), a subtle entity that moves from one body to another just like a worm moves by holding on to one tuft of grass, leaves it and then catches another tuft of grass.

All of this knowledge led to various methods of treatment; gross, subtle, and ethereal; each affecting the body at various levels. Today there is news that a therapy called whole body vibration can affect the microbiome to have therapeutic benefits. Yoga and pranayama is such a vibrational therapy when combined with repetitions of mantras. While Indians have neglected this wonderful science to fall for western commercial motives, ironically mantra and tantra therapy are fascinating researchers from all over the globe. They are finding the pattern and network that was revealed to ayurvedic sages aeons ago.

The human body is not only nature dependent but also contains the universe within it, just as the planetary system trajectory is observed within every atom. Jaha brahmande, taha pinde. The universe is reflected in the human body was a finding made by tantric masters. Those connections have not gone but are obscured by our present day thinking, lifestyle, habits, and technology thrust on us. Thus those who seek the truth tend to retire to the hills.