What is the alternative to vaccination?

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For begetting a healthy child one must keep pregnancy drug and vaccine free. Go in for a normal childbirth to ensure transfer of the mother's vaginal microbiome to the child and ensure that a medicated mother does not pass on the medications to the child, delay cord clamping and cleaning the baby; breastfeed including the first colostrum; keep mother and child under holistic care; and ensure parental bonding. It would be better still if both mother and father ensure their own health and fitness before they conceive. The womb is sacred and must never be violated. Today drugs, vaccines and diagnostic probes directed towards pregnancy do incalculable harm to the foetus. In fact these drugs, vaccines and procedures have never been tested on pregnant women as such trials are considered unethical!
Childhood illnesses are not diseases. They are an effort to throw out the inherited disease load. They are the key to health and wellness. This is possible only in infancy and childhood when the immune system is passive. Science recognizes this today when it says, "Febrile, inflammatory, and eruptive diseases in childhood prevent chronic degenerative diseases including cancers later in life." Immunology has never supported vaccines and today it is not about immune system and protection but about whole body mind emotional health and adjustment with the environment for mutual benefit. 
Disease is inherently about toxicity. One must reduce the impact of toxins - both natural and artificial. Natural toxins are produced by wrong inputs and wrong thoughts and actions. Even the normal functioning of the body creates toxins which are dealt with through fevers, colds and coughs, diarrhoea and eruptions. When we deviate from the laws of nature and those of the body we create toxins that profoundly affect our health. When we eat the wrong kind of food and do not undertake periodic detoxification at both physical and mental levels those toxins build up within the body. Bacterial and virus infections help us detoxify when we do not do it ourselves.
Today we have a Swachha Bharat Abhiyan (Sanitation & Hygiene Public Campaign in India). But we must also have a Swachha Sharir (clean body) and Swachha Mann (clean mind) Abhiyan (campaign) to make it complete. Cleaning the external environment without cleaning the internal has no meaning. The internal cleaning also means adhering to morality and ethics and staying away from strong emotions, passions and stress. This is why our ancestors adopted the spiritual mode of life and sought deliverance from the cycle of life and death which perpetuates the physical existence. At the physical plane suffering and sorrow are inevitable. Only ascendance to the spiritual plane can deliver us from the physical pain and worries that are an intrinsic part of physical existence.
Artificially by embracing chemicals in all aspects of our lives we are regularly exposing ourselves to at least 87,000 of them in our lives not even one of which is safe for our natural biological body. The drugs we use to treat ourselves can never be proven to be safe or beneficial for health. Vaccines are made of substances that are so intensely toxic we should never be in any building that stores them. It is the most extreme toxic harm known to man as those toxins are injected with very powerful adjuvants to guarantee the utmost damage at organ cellular and genetic levels. It is the complete anti-thesis to health. If you vaccinate your children with even one shot you say goodbye to health for life. Today's immunology has proven it. Vaccine damage is called "whole body mind disorder".
By making our lives toxic and passing on the resultant damage to our children we are ensuring a greater disease load for them which ironically is met with more drugs and vaccines as medical education does not understand health but is geared towards drugs and vaccine delivery. Doctors are glorified salesmen of the industry and their livelihood and income is dependent upon what and how much they can sell. They are the greatest fools that have ever incarnated on earth. They are also extremely unfortunate as they have to face their own karma. They cannot escape it. And they have to face it alone; there will be no one to share the consequences that await them.