Vaccine "science" needs censorship!

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Science needs censorship! The irony of it all!

If there is one profession that has murdered science and is ensuring its burial it is the medical profession. It has never been based upon science but on convenient assumptions. Its assumptions mostly made in the 18th and early 19th century had been challenged as soon as they were made by eminent MD's who were then sidelined and then silenced just as they are now. Laboratory assistants and downright quacks who proposed those assumptions were made heroes overnight.

Today this death machine is censoring those who are raising Cain over vaccines. A toxic chemical witches brew that has never been tested either for safety or efficacy and is being globally observed for causing deaths and extremely serious diseases and disabilities is being forced on children of all countries at gunpoint or by bribing politicians to create mandates. The diseases that they seek to prevent are today proven to be the gateway to health as they help the children shed their inherited disease loads.

The substances present in vaccines are so toxic that toxicologists warn children should not be allowed in buildings where they are stored. Immunologists and scientists are repeatedly pointing out that science fails to comprehend how vaccines can prevent any disease. The concept of herd immunity that demands that 95% of children be vaccinated is based on an unproven hypothesis that was simply proposed for a natural illness and not for any kind of artificial inventions. Today it has been documented and scientifically explained that the reverse is true. Diseases are increasingly becoming prevalent in vaccinated populations who are also infecting others.

In the face of this opposition CDC is now busy in modifying vaccine package inserts so that crucial information like admission of lack of testing and links to serious diseases are deleted. Its website is now regularly deleting similar information. The pharmaceutical industry that is trying up with retail giants like Amazon to sell their products is forcing them to stop selling books and videos that detail vaccine harm. Email agencies that have pacts with CDC are being forced to close accounts of those organizations and individuals who are critically examining vaccines.

Social media like Facebook and Pinterest are under pressure to censor vaccine discussion involving parents who are reporting vaccination harm. Whatsapp is being threatened because parents are sharing crucial information and exchanging views in that platform.

Holistic doctors who are investigating vaccines are committing "suicide" or dying under very mysterious circumstances. In India eminent scientists have been relieved from their jobs, policy makers removed from committees, and eminent doctors have been physically assaulted for daring to question vaccines.

What is the agenda? The controversial Georgia guidelines inscribed in stone and known to be the Illuminati goals pushed by agencies like the UN and BMGF envisages a population reduction by 95% for ensuring "sustainability". The fallacious herd immunity concept also requires 95% children be compulsorily vaccinated.

Besides directly killing and disabling, vaccines are scientifically proven to reduce immunity against infectious disease. Today it is admitted that highly lethal influenza virus strains and the small pox virus are being developed in laboratories. In Africa the population is convinced that Ebola is evolving from the many secret laboratories that operate in its soil.

So is it the plan to reduce mass immunity and then release lethal disease agents to create man made epidemics? Many scientists privately concede to this obvious conclusion. If this is true then all countries must immediately take concrete steps to examine the nefarious intent behind vaccinations and then protect their populations from this most dangerous intervention ever devised.

All agencies involved in this process must back away. All professionals who are responsible to push it must decide which side they would like to be, on the side of the children they have taken an oath to protect or on the side of those who wish to harm them. Media personnel must decide whether they should publish the material that is being pushed by Unicef and WHO or release pharma press releases. The movement against vaccines is highly informed and knowledgeable and must involve all stakeholders. Our lives and those of our children must be protected at any cost.