Vaccines: Where are the placebo controlled trials?

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The problem is that no true double blind inert placebo studies have ever been done period, not one on any vaccine or adjuvant! No one can provide you one. The ingredient thirmerosal has never had a double blind placebo controlled study done on it itself. The one done in 1929 gives no evidence to prove thimerosal is safe yet the government (CDC) uses it as the adjuvant anyway. That whole correlation does not equal causation claim just has to go out the window because there can’t be that many coincidences! You cannot study a drug using a adjuvant against another drug when the adjuvant itself is untested. The whole process was/is/has been a sham from the beginning! The CDC could never prove it to Congress. (See the video)Then going forward when they removed thimerosal, they used the old vaccines-to test the new versions, that isn’t science that just doesn’t work. The new adjuvant aluminum has never been tested. That’s the real debate here the prime underlying issue to this whole debate... 

From congressional testimony Monday 2002 the only adjuvant test ever done was in 1929

The CDC has no inert placebo studies on any adjuvants and now they use aluminum and no inert placebo studies have ever been done on that adjuvant so you’re still in the same place. As the adjuvant itself may be causing the damage.

Congressional testimony. Problem is is now more people in Congress are bought off by the pharmaceutical companies.

Here's a few examples of vaccine testing. They are not tested against placebos like you would think, they are tested against other vaccines :

Daptacel tested against DTP and DT 

Infanrix tested againt Pediarix. Both groups administered varying combinations of HepB, IPV, HIB, PCV, MMR & Varicella vaccines at the same time.

Kinrix tested against Infanrix. Both groups also received IPV and MMR at same time. 

German study: test group =Pediarix AND HIB versus control group = Infanrix, HIB AND OPV.
USA study: test group = Pediarix, HIB, PCV versus control group = Infanrix, Hep B, IPV, HIB, PCV

Pentacel (5 in 1: Dtap, Polio, HIB) tested against already licensed and non-licensed combinations of those vaccines. Both test and control groups also received PCV, HepB (and MMR at the last dose) at the same time.

Quadracel (4 in 1: Dtap & Polio) tested against already approved Daptacel & IPOL vaccines. Both test and control groups also received mmr and varicella vaccines at same time. 



ActHIB reactions observed after administering ActHib or ActHib plus Daptacel, IPOL & PCV. No group did not get ActHib at all. 

Hiberix tested against previously licensed HIB vaccines and both groups given various combinations of pediarix, PCV, rotarix & HepB at the same time.

MenHibrix (Meningococcal & HIB) tested against a single licensed HIB vaccine. Both groups given various combinations of Pediarix, PCV, MMR or Varicella vaccines at the same time.

PedVaxHib (Meningococcal & HIB) tested against another form of pedvaxhib or a placebo. All groups given DTP and OPV at the same time.


Hep A

Havrix - all groups received Havrix. Group 1: Havrix Group, 2: Havrix and MMR, Group 3 Havrix and Varicella.

TwinRix (Hep A & Hep 
😎 tested against already approved Hep & and B vaccines given separately (Havrix & Engerix-B). 


Hep B

Engerix-B given to all test subjects and observed for reactions. No control group was observed or compared.

Recombivax given to all test subjects. Infants and adults simply observed for reactions. Children compared the 2 vs 3 dose schedule.



Gardasil tested against aluminum adjuvant or a "saline placebo". However, the saline placebo is made up of: water, 9.56mg sodium chloride, 0.78mg L-histidine and 50micrograms polysorbate-80. 

Gardasil 9 tested against regular Gardasil. 



All flu vaccines observed for reactions, no control group, and/or against other flu vaccines.



MMRII, adverse event observation of those who receive MMR.

ProQuad (mmr+varicela) tested against MMRII + Varivax given together.


Meningococcal ACWY

Menactra tested against Menomune OR a group receiving PCV, MMRV and HepA instead.

Menomune was tested against Menactra.

Menvo was tested against groups getting typical childhood vaccines or a compararative vaccine.


Meningococcal B

Bexsero tested against either a meningococcal ACWY vaccine, Japanese encephalitis vaccine or an aluminum placebo.

Trumenba tested against groups getting other vaccines and/or a "saline placebo". However, the saline placebo is made up of: water, 9.56mg sodium chloride, 0.78mg L-histidine and 50 micrograms polysorbate-80.


Pneumococcal (PCV13)

Prevnar 13 tested against the old prevnar:



IPOL (Inactivated Polio) tested by observing subjects who got IPOL, DTP & Tripedia vaccines at same time.



Adacel tested against Td vaccine.

Boostrix tested against Td vaccine. Some participants also received meningococcal or flu vaccines at the same time.



TD Generic- states "Data on adverse reactions following fluid and adsorbed preparations of MassBiologics’ Td with various doses of the diphtheria and tetanus components have been reported in a series of studies." and also that it can be used to complete the dtap series but safety and efficacy has not been evaluated. Does not list study results.

Tennivac tested against a vaccine called Decavac.



Varivax claims placebo based trials and later in the insert states no placebo based trials took place. Then describes trials with varying dosages of antigens and dosing schedules.


***Rotavirus and Pneumovax actually claim placebo studies but the contents of their placebo were undetermined.