Vaccination: Just a few questions.

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Please answer these truthfully;
- What is cellular immunity and how is it achieved?
- Vaccines create humoral antibodies. Are such antibodies a true marker of immunity?
- Do preemies and infants produce antibodies?
- When does the immune system mature. At what stage is it ready to face even very low grade neurotoxins?
- Are wild virus and vaccine exposure the same?
- What is the term vaccine failure? Why do measles, mumps, whooping cough, diphtheria regularly occur in vaccinated populations?
- What can repeated overactivation of the immune system with adjuvants do?
- Excess antibodies are today related to which human diseases? How prevalent are they?
- What are the health consequences of an injection containing mercury, aluminium, formalin and polysorbate 80?
- What are the health consequences of 39 to 72 such injections depending on the national schedule?
- Where are the safety studies examining the impact of the entire childhood schedule?
- What are the health consequences of injecting human DNA material into humans?
- What does latest research on cancers reveal about the role of febrile, inflammatory and eruptive diseases in childhood? 
- Why are measles, mumps, chicken pox and polio viruses promising candidates for cancer treatments?
- What happens when a cancer patient has the measles?
- Can epidemics of genetic diseases occur? Can genes cause any disease sans an external insult?
- What is tobacco science? What are its characteristics?
- How much do Indian pediatricians earn from vaccines? What are the current rates of commissions?
- Why was a very senior executive committee member of the IAP physically assaulted in a IAP conference and expelled from the IAP for pointing this out?
- Why are all events of the IAP sponsored by vaccine manufacturing giants? 
- Why has the WHO changed the adverse effect reporting protocol (termed the Brighton protocol) such that it is now impossible to connect deaths after vaccination to the vaccine?
I can ask many more.