India Matters: Challenges before the country.

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India's problems can be traced to;
- Looted by the East India Company
- Devastated by the Partition
- Uprooted from its core strengths of spirituality, sustainable living
- Divided by highlighting and enforcing the caste system
- Divided on religious and language grounds, South targeted for conversions using force and lure of wealth
- Policy of cheap labour and exports devastates craftsmen and agriculture leading to widespread malnourishment and poverty
- Widespread and repeated mandatory small pox vaccine enforced by military and police introduces serious chronic diseases, takes lives and destroys health
- Aimless population burdened by soulless social rituals that impoverished
- Politicians, bureaucrats, Judges, social leaders, professionals and businessmen become Freemasons 
- Achieves Independence. Nation handed over to the preferred party in transfer of power
- Welcomes Western philosophy, industrialization, Western medicine, industrial agriculture, banking system, corporate rule - part of transfer agreement? Own strengths deliberately neglected 
- Accepts huge loans from international institutions, signs agreements
- Accepts outdated technology, harmful products
- Further impoverished, takes more loans, signs more agreements
- Burdened by divisive politics: Minority politics, rampant conversions and caste reservations create fissures
- Welcomes globalization, welcomes multinationals, exports brains, imports unsustainable living
- Destroys natural resources with impunity, feeds material growth
- Families fall apart; values suffer as liberals harp on individual freedom, change history, deride traditional wisdom, promote modern thinking and mores
- Confused by rise of disease and disabilities, poisoning of food and environment, climate aberrations, reduced fertility of land, abandonment of elderly, rising addictions, erosion of value of money, lack of employment, strong buildings and infrastructure - weak and ailing humans, failing industry - rising taxes
- Rise of Right - corporate forces in another guise. People support hoping to overthrow foreign rule and bring back indigenous education, systems and wisdom.
But earth is severely depleted, people divided, health devastated, tribal and farmers in bad shape. Politicians cannot look beyond their personal interests. Previous NWO forces trying hard to return.
Next what?