Doctors are actively working against health.

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Doctors are today divorced from the truth.

This pains me because the very profession that ought to be establishing health and well being is today actively working against it. Why has this happened?

Medical education is enforced upon compliance, not questioning. People are entering the profession for money; the desire to serve is not the driving force. The science is based upon the premise that cures are not possible, disease is the norm and disease management is the key. The emphasis is on obliterating symptoms without bothering about the true cause or the consequences. Doctors do not study to know about recent medical findings, they study drug development from representatives of the pharma industry and their bulletins.

The cost of studying medicine is prohibitive, doctors are forced to earn to pay off debts and ensure returns on investment and therefore they go along with industry enforced norms and education. Doctors are convinced of the magic of finding cures through anatomical findings and they eagerly await the miracle drug. They are afraid of their patients because they know they do not have cures and that diseases are complicated and progressive despite their best efforts, and this drives them towards corporate hospitals as they feel safe within those premises. They are afraid because they know that in the era of the internet the patients know more than they can be comfortable with. They are afraid of the truth as they know the truth is contained in other pathy's, therefore they are committed to oppose them under the pretense of science.

How can this workforce reform? Unfortunately the journey will be through pain and suffering. Doctors and their families are not immune to disease. They need cures as much as the common man. The amount of corruption in the medical profession has made it a hazard forcing doctors to become depressed and commit suicide. The negative aspects of disease they themselves suffer from as they take their own medicine is making the profession cruel and unmanageable affecting interpersonal relationships.

The house of medicine is built on the quicksand of lies and falsehood. It is only natural that it will ultimately crumble and sink.