Pastor writes to Dr Offit on Stanley Plotkin Disposition

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Mr. Offit,

You encouraged Dr. Stanley Plotkin to participate in the Matheson child custody case (see video deposition, part 1, deposition minute 8:40:54, at In part 8 of the deposition Plotkin discussed the following:

Aluminum Adjuvants in Brain Immune Cells – Encephalitis as a Result of Vaccination -- Antigens in Vaccines and Related Harm -- Monkey Kidney Cells -- Blood Serum from Calves and Other Bovines in Vaccines -- Embryonic Guinea Pig Cell Cultures in Vaccines -- Cow’s Milk Components in Vaccines -- Egg Protein in Vaccines -- Gelatin from Pigs in Vaccines -- Gelatin from Cows in Vaccines -- Recombinant GMO Yeast in Vaccines -- MRC-5 Human Diploid Cells and Tissues in Vaccines -- WI-38 Human Diploid Lung Fibroblast in Vaccines -- Human Albumin in Vaccines -- Recombinant Human Albumin in Vaccines -- Human DNA and Protein in Vaccines -- Insertional Mutagenesis -- Polio Vaccine Contamination with Simian Viruses -- Polysorbate 80 in Vaccines -- Adjuvants Bind to Impurities and Byproducts and the Body Develops Antibodies to Them -- Fetuses Used in Plotkin’s Work Related to Vaccines --Used Fetuses from Psychiatric Institutions -- Used Orphans to Study Experimental Vaccines -- Used the Mentally Handicapped to Study Experimental Vaccines -- Experiments Performed on Fully Functioning Adults and on Children -- Used Babies of Mothers in Prison -- Use of Over One Million Individuals Under Colonial Rule.

Plotkin also noted how you and him worked together to develop some of these vaccines and how you are both receiving millions of dollars in royalties from such toxic "inventions".

So is Plotkin, your mentor, right in his declarations and assertions or is he also another tinfoil-hat fool like Bobby Kennedy, Del Bigtree and me, as well as thousands of parents who claim your vaccines injured their children?

As a note, I am copying Dorit Reiss here, who warned you to be careful about your email correspondence between you and others trying to force vaccines upon the global masses, because such correspondence could be subject to FOIA requests. See I have also copied Plotkin here, in case he wants to clarify anything else.

I HEREBY CHALLENGE YOU, DORIT AND PLOTKIN TO DEBATE THE ABOVE ISSUES IN PUBLIC! Bring Plotkin's book, that might be helpful. We'll try to bring Aaron Siri, Bobby and Del. We could bring many studies to prove our position that vaccines are harmful, but Plotkin's forced confessions and his obvious lies, as his body language exposes in the deposition, should suffice for our side.


Ricardo Beas
Natural Law Church of Health and Healing