Vaccination: Vital issues to consider.

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Vaccine issues;
- Those who protest vaccines are the victims, parents of victims, or doctors of various modalities who have observed and tried to treat vaccine reactions.
- Vaccine adverse reactions are inevitable. In many cases they show up as mild but have far reaching long term effects, in other cases they devastate the child and push it into a lifetime of physical and mental disability. 1 in 40 children today suffer the highly devastating consequences. 1 in 6 are seriously damaged.
- There is no vaccine that is safe. In fact the vaccine manufacturers wanted to close down operations as they were being sued for vaccine injuries. They openly conceded it was not possible to manufacture safe vaccines.
- The Congress in the USA made them appeal to the US Supreme Court and place their documents on the basis of which the Court declared vaccines were unavoidably unsafe.
- Based on that decision the manufacturers were provided legal immunity from persecution and law suits.
- The HHS was instructed to conduct safety studies every year and submit to the Congress. It has recently been revealed no such report has been submitted in the last 32 years. Ensuring vaccine safety is no ones priority.
- The USA has a vaccine adverse effect reporting system where 1 to 3% % of adverse effects are recorded as the system is voluntary. Yet the statistics of deaths and disabilities are staggering.
- Some cases are taken up for compensation. More than 4 billion dollars has so far been paid to around a thousand cases. One or two cases may be taken up per year. The amount comes from a 75 cent cess on each vaccine component that the public pays.
- 87 cases of vaccine induced encephalopathy leading to autism have been compensated so far; 85 in the USA, 2 in Italy. The decisions were based on testimony of the best of experts.
- That vaccines cause serious damage and autism is regularly discussed by doctors and medical scientists behind closed doors where strategies are discussed to hide the harm. Activists and journalists have infiltrated and published details. What is shocking is the way the participants joke about the consequences and mock the victims.
- Recently the godfather of vaccines Dr Stanley Plotkin and also Dr Paul Offit have publicly conceded serious issues with vaccine ingredients, processes and outcomes.
- Officially the CDC has conducted three studies proving that vaccines do not cause autism. All three have been exposed to be fraudulent and are under Congress investigation.
- A set of Danish studies were funded by CDC which also showed vaccines do not cause autism. The author of those studies is now in the most wanted list of the US police for fraud and misappropriation of funds and faces 260 years in jail if extradited.
- None of the above studies have been retracted. Data from these fraudulent studies have fed other studies that declare vaccines do not cause autism.
- The CDC suffers conflict of interest as it holds vaccine patents and benefits from the vaccines it recommends.
- The vaccine industry pays $5.4 billion every year to the media as exposed by J F Kennedy jr to keep on publishing pro vaccine material and deny and ignore harm.
- It pays politicians and bureaucrats and also political parties to lobby for vaccines and make them mandatory.
- It pays doctors handsome commissions and incentives for targets. In India paediatricians earn 8100 crores every year from vaccines.
- Vaccine lobbyists are paid handsomely.
- The lavish events of paediatrics associations are sponsored by vaccine manufacturers. The associations themselves receive funds.
- Vaccine manufacturers directly and indirectly heavily fund the WHO and vaccine lobbyists are rewarded with plum posts in the organizations.
- Officials of WHO and the CDC join the vaccine industry after retirement.
- That vaccines cannot prevent disease was noticed with the small pox vaccine and was scientifically confirmed when the concept of cellular immunity was discovered in the early 1940s.
- The vaccine industry openly threatens and discredits dissenters and activists. It employs trolls in social media to threaten and abuse victims and activists.
- Unsafe vaccine batches are not destroyed but separated and dispatched to developing countries.
- Several scandals have linked vaccines to infertility in India, Philippines, and African nations.
- Vaccine manufacturers have paid billions in fines for faulty pharmaceutical products they have pushed despite knowing the dangers.
- Vaccine testing is not done against placebos but against other vaccines so that adverse effects can be masked. They do not need to be tested like other pharmaceutical products.
- Vaccine clinical trials are scandalous and deaths and adverse effects are routine and concealed. In India clinical trial data is suppressed.
- Today doctors such as B M Hegde openly declare vaccines to be unnecessary and much more risky than the diseases they pretend to prevent.
- Vaccines are a depopulation tool and are today linked to 248 diseases and disabilities and cause autoimmune, toxic consequences and inflammatory diseases that fuel the growth and profit of the medical industry. In India vaccines kill thousands every year.
- Statistics today reflect vaccines are killing more than they are supposedly saving.
- What is disturbing is that the common childhood ailments vaccines interfere with are today acknowledged to be essential for a healthy life free from chronic diseases and cancers.
- To be truthful vaccines are given because they are manufactured, have to be sold and a lot of stakeholders earn handsomely from them. They are a good career and business opportunity for the huge market it caters to and for the diseases they generate for the industry to grow and profit.
Parents should research vaccines before subjecting their children to them. You can vaccinate but you can never unvaccinate. The damage done is irreversible.