Health & Disease: Beware of toxemia.

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It is very important to understand health. The WHO says health is not merely the absence of disease but a sense of physical, mental, and spiritual well being - without medicine. Health is also about energy and vitality. And most important to remember is that health is being happy and active without having a sense of the body. 

Such health was once guaranteed in childhood. It was only in an advanced age that people felt the burden of their body. 

So what causes disease? When the body mind complex is in its optimum stage it follows a cycle of needs, assimilation and elimination. You feel energetic at fixed times, need rest at fixed times, feel hungry at fixed times, and need to evacuate at fixed time. The cycle is spontaneous. You need to follow the cycle and provide physical and mental inputs. 

Physical inputs are breathing, food and water, cleanliness of the body and surrounding and diligent exercise. Mental inputs are life giving thoughts and aspirations, prayers and meditations. 

Disease begins when the above cycle is disturbed. The timings go awry, inputs are not proper, and mental disturbances occur. The Indian concepts of sama, dama, kama, krodha, lobha, moha, and ahankara revolve around how disturbances take place. Such disturbances cause a loss of energy termed ennervation. This leads to disturbances in function that generate toxins and also disturb the functions of evacuation leading to toxic build up in the body. 

The resultant state is toxemia. These toxins are the cause of dis-ease. This state of the body and mind leads to further disturbances leading to a vicious cycle that changes mentality, behaviour and tendencies. Add to it present day medications and vaccines, toxic food air and water and the cup of woe is full. 

Is it any wonder that once extremely rare and frightening diseases have become epidemics today and new conditions and disease names are being added every day? If you wish health you need to break the cycle. Submitting yourselves to a failed concept of medicine will not lead you to health. You need to research and find out ways and means to regain health.