Cure is non linear.

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This is an aspect that needs a lot of discussion. Effecting cures or healing as it may be termed is not a straightforward process that leads to immediate disappearance of symptoms. There may be a healing crisis or a temporary worsening of symptoms. Some Ayurveds, herbalists and naturopaths ascribe this to the release of toxins by the body that may find its way to the bloodstream to be eliminated by the skin, liver and kidneys. There may also be episodes of stomach upsets and diarrhoea. All the parameters of the body may go haywire for sometime as the body takes on a dynamic role - akin to a giant waking up and shaking off fleas. Dr B M Hegde refers to this as healing chaos which he equates with the re-establishment of the life energy. It is about the vital force energizing itself and taking over. Homeopaths face a situation where suppressed illnesses reappear in the same series as they had been suppressed. Ultimately the disease burden is thrown out in the skin. All of this is in accordance with Herrings laws of cure. Whereas the movement of disease is from without to within, the cure happens from within to without, from the upper to the lower, from the more important organ to the less important one. It is helpful to know and understand this process.