How do we ensure nutrition?

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Nutrition is far beyond chemicals and minerals in food. It is about individual needs based on body mind type, livelihood and lifestyle needs. It is about body needs in different climatic zones and also different geographical regions. It is about diversity and taste. It is about compatibility of different foods and their timing.

One who has studied knows how geography and climate supports some crops more than others. These crops suit people living in those zones. In case of herbs too we notice how herbs to battle different conditions grow in those regions where people are naturally vulnerable. Herbs protecting against colds grow in cold regions. An herb like Arnica useful for muscle soreness and fatigue grows in hilly and mountainous regions where people need to strain. Thus we see nature supporting life in all aspects.

It is only when we study a subject in its fullness and adopt a holistic view based upon studying both nature and life that we can understand the needs of both. Our current malnutrition status stems from various reasons. We have rejected our traditional food and crops that has built and sustained our microbiome. We have allowed toxins in the food chain. We have destroyed food diversity by going in for selected crops and cereals. We have destroyed the body's own microbiome with drugs, vaccines and antibiotics.

Our current ill health is not simply about a few chemical and mineral deficiencies. It exists at a far deeper level. Unless the whole issue is seen holistically and steps taken to end the destructive agencies things are not going to improve. We cannot destroy, damage, poison and heal at the same time.

We need to concentrate on both the field and human beings if we want nutrition to succeed. Today we understand the need for organic inputs, soil microbes, fungus, multiple cropping, intercropping and water management because we have seen how these lead to sustained high yields and also less pest attacks.

Our bodies are exactly similar. We too are made out of earth, water, air and space. We too have microbes and fungus within us. We too need organic inputs that nature provides and which have the life force in them. If we take care of our agricultural fields and don't recognize the field within us they won't match and malnutrition will be the result.

I know many intellectuals and men in position have linked themselves with agriculture and nutrition. I am writing for them and hoping they will understand things holistically and strive for overall improvement; vegetation health, field health, human health and animal health; all must run together.