What is the "Vaccination Debate" about?

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The entire vaccination debate is about;
- The victims are wrong
- Their parents are wrong
- Their caregivers are wrong
- Before and after videos are wrong
- Medical doctors, scientists and researchers supporting vaccination harm with evidence are wrong
- The immunologists, chemists and toxicologists explaining the mechanism of harm are wrong
- The vaccine injury compensation program is paying billions of dollars in compensation to fictitious victims
- Explosion of chronic diseases and disabilities in vaccinated is not happening
- The tens of thousands of deaths after vaccination are not happening
- The vaccination industry and its paid lobbyists are right
- Agencies and persons profiting from recommending, prescribing and administering vaccines are right 
- The studies sponsored by the industry are right
- Parents don't deserve healthy children
In short, the criminals are right, the crime ain't happening, and the victims deserve to be thrashed and victimized again.