Jason Christoff: MTHFR Gene Alone NOT Responsible for Autism

The MTHFR Gene and Autism
Someone tells me yesterday that Autism is caused by a defect in the MTHFR gene and not by vaccines. I wanted to help this person understand what's going on so I took great care with the conversation that followed. A default in that gene is linked to a malfunction in how the body clears heavy metals from the system and in turn those heavy metals (that continue to circulate in the blood stream) can cause the neurological damage known as Autism.
I then ask, "how do you know this faulty MTHFR gene is associated with an increased chance of Autism?" and the person replies, "because I know a friend, who has children with Autism, who tested positive for it and their doctor concluded it was the gene that caused the Autism and not the vaccine." I then clarify, "so a test exists to see if you lack a gene that helps you clear heavy metals from your body?" and this person confirms "yes, there is...". I then ask, "So why don't you think any doctor you know conducts this MTHFR test BEFORE they vaccinate children with heavy metal containing vaccines when those heavy metals are proven to cause Autism if that gene defect is present?"
Their answer........crickets, the silence was deafening.
And that's when a thinking person (ready to break out of the consensus trance) realizes that something isn't quite right with the act of NOT investigating children before they're brain damaged from heavy metals in vaccines, as compared to blaming everything else (other than the vaccine) after the child experiences vaccine induced brain damage. Other pertinent questions are 1) why are there heavy metals in vaccines in the first place, when they're proven to cause brain damage and 2) are we really to believe that a perfect functioning gene (of any kind) can somehow protect a child from toxic aluminum or mercury in vaccines, when both compounds carry the scientific classification of "genetic terminator", meaning they terminate ALL life in EVERY cell they come into contact with. Please produce for me the study that proves there exists a gene that can detox mercury and aluminum, rendering injections of mercury or aluminum perfectly safe and benign? Connect the dots. It's an ambush. Protect the children from the order followers and the evil invisible hand that puppeteers them from high atop the eugenic ruling pyramid. The truth is simple. Inept people have been hand picked to govern almost every aspect of our lives, because chaos is a business model, which not only increases profit but also maintains control over a bewildered and dis-empowered slave class. It's a farm, a human farm. We're the animals and as any farmer will tell you, "you can't farm lions, only lambs" because lambs are weak and can't resist the farmer when slaughter time comes around. The toxic applications of our farmers (everything from poisonous vaccines to toxic medications and from GMO foods to fluoride) keeps us in the exact weakened state needed for perpetual slaughter.
Here we see how aluminum in vaccines causes brain damage. http://bit.ly/1O8c4VQ
Here we see how mercury in vaccines causes brain damage.http://bit.ly/1NtU5O5
Here we see how each and every vaccine, causes some form of brain damage, in each and every person injected....no exceptions. https://bit.ly/2i4N6zG
At this added link over 100 medical doctors and scientists explain why vaccines aren't safe or effective. http://bit.ly/1qX8HMV
The government and vaccine manufacturers have already admitted legally that vaccines do cause the brain damage known as Autism. Only the public seems confused about this. https://bit.ly/2FDVS2C
At this added link https://bit.ly/2c9tf0z Dr. James Chestnut explains CLEARLY that genes actually control nothing directly in our body and therefore by blaming disease on genes (and not the environment that is proven to control the genes), helps an entire society deflect as to why the children are really sick. Our children are sick because of what we're being tricked to do to them by extremely corrupt forces within science, medicine and govenrment. The genes aren't making our children sick, we are, and that means we can also make our children healthy.......but we need to stop poisoning them first. It's that simple.