Fever Management Advice for Viral Diseases

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The most important precaution needed for any kind of infectious fever management, including Nipah viral fever is - NOT to take paracetamol tablets to bring down the fever immediately. Fever is a protective mechanism that restrict or limit the toxic chemical reaction between the toxins released by bacteria or virus & the functional ingredients of the body, as the optimum temperature required for all biochemical reactions to takes place in a human being is the normal temperature (37 degree centigrade or 98.6 degree Fahrenheit) of human body, which our body automatically maintain. So when there is toxicity in our body due to infection from bacteria or virus, the body’s own immune system identify it & increases the temperature by producing fever, which alter the optimum temperature needed for the biochemical reactions in our body. This protect the body & its important functional ingredients from toxic chemical reactions. But when we decrease the fever by taking paracetamol tablets, syrups or injections, it decreases the high temperature or fever immediately. By doing so, we are allowing the toxins present in our body to act in our body & it’s functional ingredients, damaging & destructing our body’s 
normal functional abilities. This produces complications of various types based on the site of action of the toxin. It even leads to immediate death if most important vital organs like brain are affected.
So during fever, take more fluids, easily absorbable & digestible food, avoid meat, fish, fatty food, etc. In case of children & old people who are unable to take food & drinks, intra venous fluids should be given with NS & 5% dextrose alternately.
If high fever is sustained, wipe the body with a dry wet cloth or give a sponge bath to control the fever than immediately bringing down the fever.
Holistic natural treatments like homeopathy, can be the best option with a competent doctor as it can increase the immunity of the body and will be able to provide with the natural immunity to protect ourselves from anything inimical to our body.
When the fever condition is properly treated holistically with competent homeopathic doctor, as the immunity get elevated & toxins get detoxified, the fever naturally subsides. Till then fever should be maintained to protect the body & its functional ingredients from damaging toxic biochemical reactions.
Complications like convulsions & shock are usually produced not directly due to high fever, but due to dehydration from loss of water from body through evaporation & by deficiency of energy producing nutrients like glucose (especially in those quick temperamental children & personalities). Convulsions & shock can be prevented by giving intravenous fluids with alternate 5% dextrose & NS which will provide water & nutrition to maintain fever. Organ failures happen when paracetamol is given to decrease fever instantly that allow the toxins to chemically react with the organs & its functional ingredients, that damage the organ & its functional abilities.
Since Nipah virus toxin specifically affects the brain, avoidance of fever suppressing medicines like paracetamol is highly important to prevent death & I request all convened governments, officers & doctors to treat Nipah viral infections using holistic natural medicines like homeopathy, which minimises the damages & death.
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