Dr Azad, MD: What is health all about?

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The present model of health (which is controlled by big corporate) is focused on maximizing profits from the management of diseases. Human Health and root causes of the diseases must become the focus of attention of the individuals, families, society and governments.
What are the root causes of the diseases and real issues for a healthy individual, family and society?

1. The most important factor for health is our ‘Ahar’ - intake. It is a beautiful word and denotes anything going inside our body. It may be food, water and air. It may even be anything we see, hear, smell, touch and taste. Our ‘Ahar’ must be ‘shudh’ i.e. free from toxins. Our body is made up of and is in constant relationship of air, water and soil. If air, water and soil are full of poisons, we are bound to have diseases. The poisons present in our air, water and soil are not ordinary toxins-these are persistent type of toxins i.e. they persist in our environment for decades and centuries. Thus they go on cumulating in our environment, food chain and our bodies and are the basis of serious and incurable diseases. Unhealthy food habits promoted by our food industry also are also a significant factor in making us sick. We have forgotten the good foods (which were nutrient rich) evolved by ancestors and adapted fashion foods (which are tongue friendly and fillers only) given by food industry. 

2. Our fore fathers had been doing heavy physical work for hundreds of generations. If we want to remain healthy our muscles and bones must be very strong. Structure and functioning of our body remain healthy if we undertake physical work or exercise. Lack of physical work/exercise over the past few decades has destroyed our structure and function.

3. Our fore fathers had developed excellent home remedies (which were plant based) for promotion of health, prevention of diseases and cure of ailments. Under the misinformation spread by business interests we have denigrated these wonderful remedies and have accepted chemical solutions with side effects. We must revive the culture of use of home remedies.

4. We have accepted the corporate propaganda that Allopathy is the only science of health and disease; all other systems are unscientific quackery. The fact remains that all systems of health are beautiful and are useful in different health problems. Ayurveda, Panchkarma and Yoga are our centuries old sciences with wonderful results as promotive, preventive and curative sciences. 

5. Physical, Mental and Social Health are components of TOTAL HEALTH. All the three components are inter-dependent. Each component affects the other two. If one is in bad situation the other two are bound to be bad. The scenario of mental health is very bad particularly in our state. This is the reflection of bad health of our economy and socio-political situation. In addition to that we have divorced our own values based on love, affection and spirituality and have accepted consumerism as the only source of progress and happiness. We should come out of this psyche of greed and consumerism.