DNA Contamination through Vaccines - Overlooked Factor

The most concerning of all unintended consequences due to vaccines is the possible effects of including foreign DNA particles and other microorganisms that are injected directly into our blood stream. The CDC pink book lists all the types of human and non-human DNA included in vaccines. A partial list includes,
• Various modified media made using animal DNA or parts
• MRC-5, WI-38 human diploid cells derived from aborted fetal tissue in cell culture
• Fetal bovine calf serum (blood products)
• Chick embryo cells
• Guinea pig cell cultures
• Human embryonic lung cell culture (male and female)
• African green monkey kidney cells
• Human serum albumin
• Porcine circovirus type 1 & 2 (PCV-1 & PCV-2)
• Chicken fibroblasts
• Vero cells (a continuous line of Monkey cells)
• Yeast protein
• Hydrolized pig gelatin
• CRM 197 (A mutant Diptheria Toxoid derived cell line)
The presence of residual amounts of these DNA molecules in vaccines is inevitable as they are left over from the production of the vaccine. DNA molecules are biologically active and can integrate with the host DNA of the vaccine recipient by binding or changing expression. For the most part, the safety aspect of these human and non-human DNA particles is unknown and yet ASSUMED to be safe by those who push vaccines. This could be a tragic assumption as the inclusion of these DNA fragments into the fast growing bodies of our infants could cause serious unintended adverse effects both in the short and long term. Two areas of concern are, 1) can these DNA fragments be oncogenic or be cancer causing? and 2) can they cause infection or disease if the DNA itself is contaminated?. None of these are tested in vaccines. So pray tell me how anyone could tell me that vaccines are safe and effective with a straight face?

Ravi Kulasekere