Why I Blame Pediatricians

Why I Blame Pediatricians
In my long campaign I have always targeted the system and refrained from targeting doctors. However when it comes to pediatricians I feel they ought to shoulder the blame. They treat the most vulnerable section of the society; infants and children. In their attempt to expand the market they have also decided to ruin the health of adolescents by recommending adolescent vaccinations and worse vaccines for pregnant women. Now, why do I blame them?
1. If I was a pediatrician I would be very careful with my subjects
2. I would go the extra mile to protect their HEALTH
3. I would be very critical of what I was prescribing for them
4. I would be extra critical of what I was INJECTING into them
5. I would not put profits from commissions before their health
6. I would fight with my association if I found conflict of interest
7. I would ask damning questions to the office bearers of the IAP
8. I would refuse to attend the 7 Star PEDICONS
9. I would be worried about the epidemics of chronic diseases in children and adolescents
10. I would become a whistleblower
I find only 3 pediatricians doing the above. They are being branded spoilsports. We need a vaccine for the Peds. One that would put them out of business and bring back the GP's once again.

Doctors condemn suspension of whistleblower

TNN | Updated: Feb 4, 2017, 11:13 IST

Doctors associations and paediatricians have condemned the suspension of whistleblower Dr Vipin Vashishtha from the Indian Academy of Paediatrics (IAP) for his questioning of attempts by some pharma companies to influence IAP’s immunisation guidelines. They have urged the IAP leadership to respond with facts and figures to Dr Vashishtha’s charge that its Action Plans and its continuing medical education programmes are being funded by vaccine manufacturers.

Several paediatricians who attended IAP’s national conference in Bengaluru expressed dismay at the way Dr Vashishtha was suspended at the conference without giving him a chance to put forward his point of view. The Alliance of Doctors for Ethical Healthcare (ADEH) and Medico Friends Circle (MFC), a group of health professionals and workers engaged in developing a pro-people’s vision in health care, expressed shock at the way the immunization schedule approved by the association’s Advisory Committee was removed from it’s journal Indian Paediatrics “under the influence of some office bearers of IAP who seem to be affiliated to some vaccine manufacturers”.

“That this schedule was approved by the editorial board of Indian Paediatrics and was published in the online edition of this journal, but was subsequently withdrawn shows the brazenness with which (the) expert committee’s recommendations are being kept aside mostly under the influence of some vaccine manufacturers,” stated ADEH
Dr Vashishtha as a former convenor of IAP’s Advisory Committee on Vaccines and Immunisation Practices (ACVIP) had sent an open letter to the IAP president on December 16 marked to over 23,000 IAP members. He raised several issues including the failure of the current president Dr Anupam Sachdev and joint secretary Dr Ajay Gambhir to submit conflict of interest declarations, the extensive funding of IAP activities by vaccine manufacturers and the withdrawal of the immunisation schedule approved by the ACVIP, allegedly under pressure from some vaccine manufacturers.
IAP president Dr Sachdev in a letter to the members stated that Dr Vashishtha was being suspended for lowering the dignity of the paediatric fraternity and for painting every paediatrician as a black sheep. However, ADEH and MFC pointed out that Dr Vashishtha had been forced to write the open letter only after he failed to get any response from the IAP leadership on the issues he had raised several times.
ADEH and MFC have urged IAP to withdraw the suspension and to explain why the immunisation schedule was withdrawn and to respond to the issues raised by Dr Vashishtha in his open letter. They have also asked IAP to reconsider the widespread practice of paediatricians directly supplying vaccines to parents to pocket hefty discounts offered by vaccine manufacturers, instead of prescribing them.