The Imagination of Vaccine Supporters

The Imagination of Vaccine Supporters 
by Shawn Dhu:
"The pro vaccine fanatic's imaginary claims for vaccine safety:
Vaccine supporters don't know where their vaccines are made, how they are made, who the patents are held by, or anything about their beloved injection, for that matter.
What they do instead is imagine there is some special laboratory somewhere filled with well intended, benevolent scientists devoting their lives to save humanity. They imagine that these philanthropic scientists are not motivated by money, not hired by anyone or any institution of public concern, and are working on their own dollar and time to save all of us from disease and mass death.
They imagine these faceless scientists are working exhaustively to safety test the vaccines through ethical, transparent, long term studies. They have never seen the studies or examined the methods of proving safety for these products themselves, but they imagine these studies exist out there somewhere.
Once all the vaccines are made in this imaginary laboratory of goodness, they are transferred to the benevolent doctors who are just begging us to get injected with vaccines so to save us from horrific and inevitable disease and death. They are not familiar with the history or facts of these diseases, but they imagine they are quite scary.
They imagine that their injections of 16-17 diseases will protect them against every medical threat in the world.
They imagine food is nothing more than for taste buds, and don't believe in proper nutrition. They can't rely on nutrition and proper hygiene for optimal health, because they imagine dark death looming before them if they don't get their injections.
They imagine that everyone, everywhere throughout history was just falling dead or losing limbs, before vaccines came along.
They imagine that no such thing as a healthy human being existed before vaccinations, and that the current state of health we have now as a society where cancer and autoimmune disorders are commonplace, and one in nearly thirty something children are brain damaged from environmental toxins is the peak of health humanity has ever achieved - thanks to vaccines.
They imagine that doctors are trained in vaccines specifically, and are not motivated by any factors such as pharmaceutical sponsorships, annual bonuses, workplace pressure, or just plain ego. They imagine doctors will help your family, should you become one of the supposedly rare cases of vaccine injury or death.
They imagine you can sue vaccine manufacturers or doctors for vaccine injury or death, and that a just legal system is set in place to properly compensate families of vaccine injury and death.
They imagine vaccine injury or death does not exist, although they have no medical expertise in the field, and pretend not to see the cases of injury or death proven to be caused by vaccines.
They imagine that there are no such things as the toxicologists, immunologists, virologists, neurologists, and lawyers testifying against vaccines because they imagine there are no medical experts outside pharmaceutical commercials and doctors.
They imagine CDC whistleblowers don't exist.
They imagine vaccines are harmless injections equivalent to simply weakened viruses in saline solution. When the list of known toxins is brought to their attention, such as mercury, they imagine that these toxins are suddenly safe for injection into the human body.
They imagine that newborns, infants, and children are all unaffected by having toxins injected into their bodies.
They imagine that such a concept of human rights don't exist when it is regarding vaccines, and that institutions such as the government or pharmaceutical companies have the right to mandate any vaccine and however many vaccines they wish onto your child, and have the right to take away your child indefinitely, take away you and your child's right to education, access to medical care, access to public facilities, and equal employment, and ultimately has the right to forcefully inject you against your will.
They imagine hospitals always obtain consent from fully conscious and mentally capable patients before administering any vaccine. They imagine doctors respect the patient's rights to have ultimate say over their medical choices.
They imagine themselves to be independent thinkers critical of government, mainstream media, and Big Business but are absolutely opposed to questioning the one medical product that is most aggressively pushed by all of the above.
They imagine themselves to be well informed, intelligent individuals but refuse to look into the possibility that a medical product is possibly causing unintended injuries and deaths for a great number of people.
The imagination of vaccine supporters."