Bill in India to make Vaccines Mandatory

Vaccinating kids in Tamil Nadu to be made schools' responsibility

All private and public schools will have to submit annual vaccine records to the directorate of public health."We will ask school heads to ensure students are vaccinated. Children who have not taken vaccines will be asked to quit since they can be dangerous to other children. Our aim is to ensure universal coverage," he said.

The government will use provisions of the Madras Public Health, Act, 1939, to make vaccination mandatory , offici als said. Students' vaccination records will be a part of the annual inspection programme where food and water safety, ventilation, and toilets are checked. A dedicated team of 770 doctors and an equal number of nurses also work for the programme."These doctors will vaccinate children who have missed the schedule," said director of public health Dr K Kolandaisamy .

A new bill on public health emergencies allows for dubious restrictions of citizens’ liberties
The Bill empowers medical officers to inspect any premises, isolate people, restrict movement, test a patient and mandate treatment or vaccination of a person suffering from disease. The Bill has does not mention the necessity of seeking consent from citizens for any of these measures.